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Recent Songs

For The Good Times (vocal) (12/7) PSR-SX900

Crying Time (vocal) (2/9) PSR-SX900

Walk On By (9/28) PSR-SX900

Sailboat (vocal) (9/17) SX900

Red Hot Love (vocal) (8/4) Tyros4

Walk On By v © (12/19) Tyros4

Musical Background

(January, 2023) My daddy was a DJ on the radio for 63 years. So, I learned to like country music, mostly. He gave me my first guitar, a Stella, when I was twelve and he taught me three chords. I wrote my first song in 1953 titled “Young Lover”. I loved to sing, and I still do. I have written songs in each decade since.

My bride bought my first keyboard. It was a Casio. It made all kinds of great little sounds and I loved it! My first PSR was a 740, I believe.

My bride, Sandra, and I have been married for 47 years. We have three sons. The two that are married have given us three grandchildren. We live I Texarkana, Texas and are both retired. I am 86 and my bride, 81. I am still writing, arranging and recording my songs, Tyros and Tyros 4. Now, I have a new SX900!

I am happy to be part of PSR Tutorial Performers. This site has helped me to solve keyboard issues many times. I have taken the opportunity to download several songs by Performers and we are enjoying the music very much. I will continue to write and sing as long as I can.

I thank Joe Waters for his patience and help!

Mike's MP3 Song Index

Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. The list below includes all of Mike's songs arranged alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song.

Big Rodeos v © (T4)

BillyTwo v © (T4)

Charley's Bugle v © (T4)

Church Of Me v © (T4)

Crying Time (vocal) (X9)

For The Good Times (vocal) (X9)

Frozen Zone v © (T4)

Growing Old v © (T4)

I'll Never Mention Your Name v © (T4)

If I Had A Penn v © (T4)

In My Head Again v © (T4)

It's The Song v © (T4)

Magic Wand v © (T4)

My Artificial Christmas Tree v © (T4)

My Heart's In Georgia v © (T4)

No Fault Divorce v © (T4)

Paradise Again v © (T4)

Rainbows End v © (T4)

Red Hot Love (vocal) (T4)

Rhinestone Star v © (T4)

Sensesoflove v © (T4)

Shoulder To Cry On v © (T4)

Soap Suds v © (T4)

Storm Clouds v © (T4)

Upside Down v © (T4)

Walk On By (X9)

Wamea v © (T4)

Was It Really You v © (T4)

Wasting Away v © (T4)

The Way We Feel v © (T4)

We Were Sixteen v © (T4)

Whoa Nellie v © (T4)

Will You Be v © (T4)

Yellow School Bus v © (T4)

You Are v © (T4)

Young Lover v © (T4)