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O America (Celtic Woman) (7/7) Genos

I Just Called To Say I Love You (vocal)

Nowhere Man (vocal)

Ouctopus's Garden (vocal)

Til There Was You (vocal)

World Without Love (vocal)

Musical Background

(October, 2015) I live in Maine, USA. I have been married for 44 years. I have one son and two beautiful grand daughters. Born in 1949, and still feel like a kid at 66. I hear music will do that.

I have worked and done all trades, and am currently working in a health care facility as a High Pressure Steam Engineer, in the Plant & Engineering Department, although I may retire soon.

I do small gigs at assisted health care facilities, around my area, and also play the Yamaha HX-1 in church 3 times weekly. I started playing acoustic and electric guitar at 13, a month before the Beatles made their debut, and continued for 25 years playing with a friend, doing a duet like Peter & Gordon style. I like easy listening, soft rock, country, (and church hymns) no heavy metal. (Do many Christmas songs as well) I do not read music, and in order for me to learn or play any song, I need to have the melody memorized in my head.

I switched to keyboards, when Technics first came out with them. I owned all of them, KN-600/800/1000/2000/3000/5000/6000/6500 and, finally, the 7000. I must admit, that my 7000 was a great arranger keyboard, but nothing like Yamaha, which now I own, the Tyros-5, a great keyboard. I like to sing with the keyboard, using the styles. I also like a few midi's, but prefer backing tracks for quality using the multi pads audio link function. I take pride in choosing the closest style to fit the song I'm playing, and also love dedicated styles for certain songs.

Mike Cyr
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After The Loving (vocal) (T5)

All I Ask Of You (T5)

A Better Place (vocal) (T5)

Cabaret (T5)

Cavatina (T5)

Gentle On My Mind (vocal) (T5)

God Bless America (T5)

Here There And Everywhere (vocal) (T5)

I Have Loved You (T5)

I Just Called To Say I Love You (vocal) (T5)

Kansas City (vocal) (T5)

Let It Be Me (vocal) (T5)

Love Letters (T5)

Lying Eyes (vocal) (T5)

More (T5)

My Joyce v © (T5)

My Way (T5)

Nowhere Man (vocal) (T5)

O America (Celtic Woman) (G1)

Ouctopus's Garden (vocal) (T5)

Over You (T5)

Peaceful Easy Feeling (vocal) (T5)

The Prayer (T5)

Surfer Girl (vocal) (T5)

Tequila Sunrise (vocal) (T5)

This Boy (vocal) (T5)

Til There Was You (vocal) (T5)

Today Is Mine (vocal) (T5)

Top Of The World (T5)

Turn Around (vocal) (T5)

Walking In The Rain (T5)

What A Wonderful World (T5)

World Without Love (vocal) (T5)