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Breakfast At Tiffany's (1/5) PSR-SX900

It's Easy To Say (12/19) PSR-SX900

Zoom (10/24) PSR-SX900

Love Theme From Thorn Birds (10/24) PSR-SX900

Call Me (9/9) PSR-SX900

If I Never Knew You (9/9) PSR-SX900

Sweet Gingerbread Man (9/9) PSR-SX900

My Musical Journey

(May 29, 2020 As you might expect, music has always been an important part of my life; although not, until recently, as a performer. My mother played piano when I was young, but this didn’t encourage me to take up a musical instrument myself.

My favourite music is from the 1960’s when I was a teenager and many of the songs I play are from that era. My musical “hero” if you like is Mike Oldfield. I have everything he’s ever recorded either on vinyl or CD but sadly I don’t have his musical talent. I am also a big fan of the wonderful Anita Harris.

At some time in the mid 1990’s, I decided to buy a music keyboard simply as a new hobby. I plumped for a Yamaha but I cannot recall the model other than it had a floppy disc drive and the salesman said I’d “never need to buy another keyboard”. He was of course mistaken. I played that keyboard for a few years and then my interest began to wane somewhat as I remarried (to Sandra) and retired from full time work.

I have never had a music lesson and taught myself to read music and I still need the music in front of me when I’m playing.

I returned to the keyboard and for my 65th birthday bought the PSR-S710, which I loved. I now have a PSR-S770. I play mostly for my own pleasure but from time to time I play for friends and family. Over the years I have accumulated hundreds of pieces of sheet music and continue to buy them. I can make a reasonable attempt at most of them. I admit I am a lover of ballads and easy listening stuff.

The PSR Tutorial site is a wonderful source of information and there are a lot of incredibly talented people who contribute with new styles and arrangements. I admit I use them a lot. I wish I had the patience and ability to do what they do. I hope you enjoy the few songs I’ve posted.

Jim Matthews
(jimsan55 in forum)

Note: in late June '20, Jim moved up to the PSR-SX900 keyboard.

Jim's MP3 Song Index

Jim's songs are arranged alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Songs were recorded on the PSR-S770 (77) or the PSR-SX900 (X9)..

Breakfast At Tiffany's (X9)

Calcutta (77)

Call Me (X9)

Cavatina (77)

Desifinado (77)

Don't Get Around Much Anymore (X9)

Don't Sleep In The Subway (X9)

Emily (77)

Frenesi (7i)

Fly Me To The Moon (77)

Geronimo (77)

Girl From Ipanema (77)

Hey There (77)

I Can`t Give You Anything (But My Love) (X9)

If I Never Knew You (X9)

If You Could Read My Mind (77)

It`s Easy To Say (X9)

It's Too Late (77)

Love Theme From Thorn Birds (X9)

Mister Sandman (77)

Misty (77)

Moonraker (77)

Petite Fleur (77)

Quando Quando Quando (77)

Satin Doll (X9)

A Summer Place (77)

Sweet Gingerbread Man (X9)

Wives And Lovers (X9)

A Wonderful Guy (X9)

Zoom (X9)