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A Comme Amour (4/22) PSR-SX700 - Video

I Will Survive (4/8) PSR-SX700 - Video

Gimme Gimme (3/16) PSR-SX700 - Video

The Lonely Shepherd (3/10) PSR-SX700 - Video

Candle In The Wind (2/10) PSR-SX700 - Video

Always (1/23) PSR-SX700 - Video

Musical Background

(April, 2023) I’m Ferdinando Montecuollo and I’m 51 years old. I live in Caserta (Italy) and work as Chief Information Officer of an Italian University, but music is my great passion and I love playing organ and keyboards in almost all my free time.

As a boy, I studied music and piano for about 6 years and my great regret is not having attended the Conservatory in order to better express my little musical talent.

I play organ in church since I was 12 and I also played accordion for several years, within the folk group of my town, Cellole, in the province of Caserta (Italy).

When I was 26, I moved to Siena, where I was organist in the University Chapel choir; in 2006 I moved to Caserta, where I was organist in the “St. Anthony” church until 2013. Since 2013 I am proud to be the organist of the beautiful “Harmonia Mundi” choir and since 2022 I do organ service at the “Our Lady of Lourdes” church in Caserta.

I had many experiences with organ, synthesizers and arranger keyboards since I was a boy: I owned Yamaha DX7 II, Roland E86, Roland XP30, Korg PA800, Yamaha PSR S770, Yamaha PSR-sx700, Dexibell Classico L3 and Korg Nautilus.

My current setup consists of:

For many years I have mainly played organ music, but recently I have rediscovered the pleasure of playing pieces from other musical genres as well. So I opened a YouTube channel, where I publish many covers and pieces of various musical genres, providing also some suggestions on how to execute those pieces using my musical setup or a similar one.

I enjoy finding the right mix of sounds and effects for each piece of music I play: I hope you will appreciate this and enjoy my music. Thank you for listening.

Ferdinando's MP3 Song Index

Ferdinando's songs are arranged alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Click on the (video) link to view the YouTube presentation of the song. Songs recorded on the PSR-SX700.

Adagio (X7) (video)

All By Myself (X7) (video)

Always (X7) (video)

Candle In The Wind (X7) (video)

A Comme Amour (X7) (video)

El Choclo (X7) (video)

Everything I Do (X7) (video)

The Eye Of The Tiger (X7) (video)

The Final Countdown (X7) (video)

Gimme Gimme (X7) (video)

Heaven (X7) (video)

I Just Called To Say I Love You (X7) (video)

I Will Survive (X7) (video)

La Vita è Bella (X7) (video)

The Lonely Shepherd (X7) (video)

Lupin (X7) (video)

Odissea Veneziana (X7) (video)

Reality (X7) (video)

Tango to Evora (X7) (video)

The Winner Takes It All (X7) (video)