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All of the sites listed here are sponsored by or associated with the Yamaha corporation.

Yamaha corp logoThis is the Yamaha GLOBAL Gateway site, which is the gateway to all of Yamaha worldwide corporate products and services.

Yamaha US Log The Yamaha Corp US site covers all Yamaha products, including the PSR and Tyros keyboards.

Yamaha Arranger Workstation Page From the US site's Arranger Workstations page find features, specifications, accessories and more for Yamaha's arranger workstation line.

Manual Library logoVisit the Yamaha Downloads page for access to the latest manuals, catalogs, and softwares that are available for download. Select your country and your instrument to find what is available for that keyboard.

Yamaha Music Foundation The objective of the Yamaha Music Foundation is "to explore fundamental issues of educational activities pertaining to music that serve as a basis to cultivate a rich sense of humanity in toddlers, young children, youths and adults, to pursue the popularization of music and contribute widely to the promotion of social education, and endeavor to improve musical culture in Japan and other countries."

Yamaha MusicSoftYamaha MusicSoft -- The Official Yamaha online music store with "more than 20,000 items in stock or available for immediate download."

Yamaha Utility Programs

Traditionally, most of the utility programs used originated from talented PSR keyboard owners as illustrated by the various tabs in this section. Yamaha provides several utilities that owners will find very useful.

Yamaha Firmware Upgrades

The Firmware Updater lets you upgrade the operating system (OS) of the instrument with firmware versions earlier than the indicated version.

Tyros/Genos Models PSR-S Models

Genos Firmware Updater V2.02

Tyros5 Firmware Updater V1.13

Tyros4 Firmware Updater V1.10

Tyros3 Firmware Updater V1.20

Tyros2 Firmware Updater V1.31

OS upgrade via USB V1.40

PSR-SX900 Firmware Updater V1.05

PSR-S970 Firmware Updater V1.06

PSR-S770 Firmware Updater V1.06

PSR-S670 Firmware Updater V1.03

PSR-S950 Firmware Updater V1.04

PSR-S750 Firmware Updater V1.03

PSR-S910 Firmware Updater V1.03

PSR-S710 Firmware Updater V1.01

PSR-S900 Firmware Updater V1.03

PSR-S700 Firmware Updater V1.03

Yamaha Expansion Manager

Yamaha Expansion Manager is a free PC/Mac desktop application that enables users to install and manage Expansion Packs as well as transfer via USB Flash Memory to PSR-SXS900/SX700/SX600/S970/S770/S670/A5000 and Genos/Tyros5 (transfer wirelessly).


MEGAEnhancer V2.0.0 MEGAEnhancer is a software program that converts XG/GM song data (Standard MIDI File) to song data specially enhanced to be played back using an instrument or tone generator containing MegaVoices. With the use of the sophisticated MegaVoices, MEGAEnhancer automatically makes conventional song files with guitar, bass parts sound etc. much more realistic and authentic. The converted song data can be used only on the model which you selected before converting.

Earlier Utilities

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