This site, PSR Tutorial, provides, of course, great support for arranger keyboard owners. But there are other sites on the internet that you will find worth visiting. These are listed below. These are all run privately by Yamaha enthusiasts and not directly associated with Yamaha corporation.

The Unofficial Yamaha PSR Resource Site logoThe Unofficial YAMAHA PSR Resource Site site is built and maintained by Jørgen Sorensen.  Originally dedicated to PSR-740 owners, it has expanded its offerings to provide resources for all PSR owners.  You will find some of Jørgen's own original styles, and his PSR utility programs, as well as links to many additional useful internet resources.
SynthZone logoThe Yamaha Arranger Keyboard Forum is part of the Synth Zone BBS listed under Arranger Keyboard Forums. If you are interested in Synths, there is also a Yamaha Discussion forum under Synths for all Yamaha music-related products..

This page updated on March 16, 2019 .