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(December 5, 2012) -- To illustrate how to create a new Playlist, I am going to use a set of registrations created by Steve Molner. You can find these and others on Steve's Gig Disk page on this site. This set was originally created for the PSR-3000, but the registrations work fine on the PSR-SX900. The complicating factor in using Steve's registrations is that each button in each file is for a different song.

Contents of  Styles07-Songs folder on USB1..As it turns out, these registrations were also on the Songs #7 collection. Pressing the PLAYLIST button and navigating to the User - USB1 area and selecting Styles07 - Songs, you see three sub folders. Open the Registrations folder.

Contents of Styles07-Songs/Registrations folder in USB1.There are several different sets of registrations. The one we are interested in here is labeled "SteveM52Reg3k". Versions of these registrations are available for some Tyros models, but since they were originally created on the PSR-3000, I will use that set of registrations.

Regist Bank screen for SteveM523k folder.Here are page1 of Steve's registration files. They were created for various gigs and the registration file name is simply a gig number, although some are more specific like the "01Christmas" registration file.

Regist Bank Edit screen for O1S GIG.You can select any of these registration files and then, using the Menu icon at the top of the page, open the Regist Bank Edit screen. This can be a very handy screen to show you the labels for each registration button so I have also made this screen one of my "assignable" buttons. Looking at the contents of "01S GIG", you can see each button sets up the keyboard for a different song, except button 8, which is used to set the keyboard up for a piano solo.

Regist Bank screen for User area.I want to convert Steve's registration into a Playlist that would show the title of each song in the group. I also want this to work without the USB drive having to be in the keyboard. So, the next step is to copy the folder of Steve's registrations over to my User area. If you followed the previous Beatles lesson, you will see the "Beatles 25" registrations folder here as well.

Creating a New Playlist

Playlist screen - confirmation that new playlist will be created.Press the PLAYLIST button to bring up the Playlist screen. This screen shows that the currently loaded Playlist is the "Sample" Playlist Note the "New" icon at the top of the screen. Touch that icon to create a new Playlist When you do, a dialog box opens up so you can confirm that you really do want to create a new Playlist

Using Save option on New Playlist file.If you respond "Continue", a "New Playlist" file is created. It has no records right now. The options on the right are provided so you can Add a Record. Before adding anything, however, I will save this Playlist where I want to put it and rename it in the process. To do that, I touch the "Save" icon at the top of the window.

Moving to the User area to use Save Here button for new playlist.I am going to put this in my User area. I navigate to User and then touch the "Save here" button in the top right corner.

Saved playlist renamed to "SteveM.In the process of saving the new Playlist, I rename it to "SteveM" as shown in this screen shot. With this new Playlist selected, I press the PLAYLIST button to load it up. It is, of course, still empty. The next step is to add a record.

Adding 1st record to SteveM playlist - O1S GIG.Touch the List button under Add Record. Navigate to the "SteveM52Reg3k" folder in the User area and select the "01S GIG" registration file. If you were loading individual song registrations, you would be done at this point. However, this registration file if for multiple songs. If you examine the individual button names shown earlier, "Georgia" is listed as the song in button 2.

Playlist Record Edit for 1st record.I want to make this first Playlist entry the setup for "Georgia". So, the next step is to touch the "Edit" button on the right so I can edit this Playlist record. The record shows the name as "01S GIG", which, of course, is the name of the registration file. Touch the "Rename" button and rename this Playlist entry to be "Georgia".

1st record edited to rename to "Georgia" and specify Registration Memory 2.Below the name is an Action area where you can specify which button to use for this Playlist entry. "Georgia" is on the 2nd button, so select button 2. You could also specify a score or lyrics or text file for this registration. But I am not going to do that for this exercise.

1st record renamed to Georgia in SteveM playlist.Closing out the Playlist Record Edit box shows that the 1st record in the Playlist is now labeled as "Georgia". The little "2" on that line indicates that this is using the 2nd button in the registration file.

Regist Bank Edit screen for 01S GIG registration file.To add another song, we repeat the steps shown above. The first button in that "01S GIG" registration file is labeled "UNFORGET" supposedly for the song "Unforgettable."

So we touch List to add another record. Select the same registration file "013 GIG" for the 2nd entry. Edit that entry to rename it "Unforgettable" and then specify the 1st button.

SteveM playlist with 2 record for Unforgettable in place.When you now examine your Playlist, it shows 2 entries with the second entry labeled "Unforgettable" under button 1.

That registration file has buttons for 7 different songs. To get the remaining 5 songs, we have to load the same registration file 5 times each time renaming the entry and specifying the appropriate button. To add all the songs in all the remaining registration files will, indeed, take some time.

Final Steve playlist with page 2/9 records, Georgia record highlighted.I did add all of Steve's records into a Playlist I called "Steve". Here is a peek at the final result. There are 9 pages of entries in this Playlist The screen shot shows page 2 where the original "Georgia" entry is found.

As you add each new record, it appears at the bottom of the list. If you want the list to be alphabetical, you would use the Up and Down arrows on the right to move the selected entry up or down the list. As the list grows, it gets increasingly time consuming to move each new entry into its proper alphabetical position. But the final result does give you an alphabetical Playlist of all the songs in Steve's collection.

Home page with Georgia record from Steve playlist selected and loaded.Select any song, touch the Load button, and the appropriate style, tempo, intro, and ending are all set up ready for you to play that song. Here is the Home page when the "Georgia" entry is selected. The style is EasyListening at a tempo of 70 and a GrandPiano Right1 voice. Note that the Regist box shows the registration file as 01S GIG. It also shows that you are using "2:GEORGIA" from that registration file.



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