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Recent Songs

Bamboleo (7/10) PSR-SX900 - in this video I give a brief interpretation of this song that demonstrates the new "Guitar Flamenca" sound and the "Guitar Rumba" style in the SX900.

The Conquest of Paradise - Alone (7/10) PSR-SX900 - in this video I run a small Interludio de Arpa that is part of vangelis' album "1492 The Conquest of Paradise", featuring the sound "Orchestral Harp" from the SX900.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (7/10) PSR-SX900 - in this video I wanted to make a small tribute to Master Ennio Morricone, performing one of his compositions, the main theme of this film. For this song I created a style called "Western Movie" as accompaniment to the left hand. For the right hand, I used orchestral, harmonic, hissing sounds, and also created a bank of multipads such as thunder, bell and gun.

Green Fields (7/10) PSR-SX900 - in this video I make a brief instrumental performance of the song "Los Campos Verdes," which was very famous in the 70s and 80s, by the Korean singer Jinsop. This performance highlights the SX900 Saxophone "Ballad Tenor" that carries the main melody.

Pavana - Fragment (7/10) PSR-SX900 - in this video I perform a fragment of the Pavana Classic Work for a Deceased Infanta by the Composer Maurice Ravel. I used the Chord Looper function of the SX900. This feature allows you to release both hands for smoother execution, while allowing you to make easy changes between variations A and D of the style in question. In the right hand I combined three sounds (R1,R2,R3) R1-Classic1stVns, R2-SeattleSlowStrings,R3-Strings Slow.

Romance Anonymous Part 1 (7/10) PSR-SX900 - in this video, I share the first part of the famous guitar studio titled "Romance Anonymous", in which I show the sound quality of the SX900's "Concert Guitar.".

Musical Background

(Dec, 2017) My name is Ericck Hans Sarmiento Bernal. I was born on October 6, 1966 in the city of Cali (Valle) - Colombia. I am the son of Saúl Sarmiento and Gloria Bernal. My father is a musician and plays the guitar very well since he was very young. He introduced me to music and he wanted me to play an instrument. My wish was to play the piano, but it was difficult at that time because my father did not have enough resources to buy me an acoustic piano. So, when I was 10, my father suggested that I study another instrument like the tiple, an instrument similar to Cuban 3 but a little bigger with 4 orders of 3 strings. At age 14, my dream of playing a keyboard instrument became a reality when I learned to play the Thomas Play Mate electronic organ, which at that time was very fashionable.

From then on, I began my career as an organist playing in hotels and restaurants in the city. I also lived for a short time in Spain and played in hotels in Palma de Mallorca.

After this, I managed to get my first keyboard, the CASIO CZ-101, which was a mini keyboard. Then, when I got married, I bought the CASIO VZ-1 followed by Yamaha keyboards: the PSR-510, the PSR-S500, the PSR-S900, the PSR-S950 and last, but not least, my PSR-S970.

I currently have several original compositions and I make musical arrangements for solo singers. You can listen to some of my performances through this PSR tutorial page. You can also watch my videos on YouTube as a solo performer and also in a group with my girlfriend and other colleagues. You will also find my songs available on SoundCloud.

Little by little, I will be adding more to the repertoire. I hope all my fellow PSR Tutorial members like these songs.

-- Hans Sarmiento Bernal (hans1966)

Hans' MP3 Song Index

Hans' songs are arranged by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Songs are recorded on the PSR-S970 (97) or the PSR-SX900 (X9).

Bamboleo (X9)

El Choclo (97)

The Conquest of Paradise - Alone (9.)

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (X9)

Fiesta (97)

The Godfather (97)

Hey Jude (97)

Green Fields (X9)

Love Story (97)

Manhã de Carnaval (97)

Melodia Dolannes (97)

My Way (97)

Pavana - Fragment (9 )

Romance Anonymous Part 1 (X9)

Vereda Tropical (97)