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(3/23/24) These songs are part of my newest Easter video greetings and do not have a name yet. Some of them are in an abbreviated version. I have marked them as Easter 7 - 13. The point is not for PSRTUTORIAL members to perform the visual part, but the music. I recommend those interested to use YouTube translator.

Easter 7

Easter 8

Easter 9

Easter 10

Easter 11

Easter 12

Easter 13

Musical Background

(November, 2013) I live in the Czech republic. I am recently retired but still occasionally work in our little firm, which was established narly 100 years ago by my grandfather.

My parents were amateur musicians, so from childhood I was surrounded by music. My music career began at age 7 with piano lessons, which I continued for 8 years. When I was 10, I started learning the clarinet. Later, I took lessons on the guitar and, still later, on the contrabass.

I played the clarinet in a school brass ensemble and later in a dixieland orchestra. I played the contrabass in a school string orchestra. My first paying public clarinet appearance was in the dixieland orchestra together with my friends when I was 15. At 16, I started playing the piano with adults in a big band.

Pictures of BobDuring my studies and later, I played the piano, or the organ, in dance bands from time to time. When I was 23, I once again began to play regularly the piano and then the organ. Later I played the electronic strings and still later the synthesizers, etc. When I performed, I usually played two or three instruments. I owned about 15 instruments -- electronic pianos, organs, strings, synthesizers, typical keyboards and so on. Many times until now, I began and ended my playing in orchestras because of my work. Ongoing work requirements often caused long interuptions in my musical career.

As an amateur, I played the keyboard in balls with various orchestras, cafe bars, taverns and so on. From 1988 through 2007 I gave up playing because of the growth in our firm. During these 20 years I didn't play in public at all so music fell by the wayside.

Unfortunately, today I no longer have a clarinet or contrabass. Seven years ago, I bought my last instrument, a Yamaha Clavinova CVP 301. I now only play at home for my own pleasure and for my friends. Because I've forgotten a lot and lost my earlier skills, it has been difficult to get back to my earlier standards.

I like all kinds of good music. The PSR Tutorial provides an excellent opportunity for musicians to share their music and to gain experience and meet more friends. I hope you enjoy my music.

Recently I'm active at YouTube. All videos have music I uploaded. I composed music for all music videos. You can find all my songs here    

-- Bob K

Bob's MP3 Song Index

The list below includes all of Bob's songs arranged alphabetically song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Songs recorded on CVP-301 (C3), CVP-701 (C7), or PSR-S970 (97).

Amarylis © (97)

Amorada (C3)

Apache (C3)

Auto Rag (C3)

Boogie za korunu © (C7)

Bugatti Step (C3)

Bylo leto © (97)

Chanson d'Amour (C3)

Charleston (C3)

Choo Choo Choo's Boogie (C3)

Comme Vorrei (C3)

Dnes hraje Willy (C3)

Dolanes (C3)

Happy Together (C3)

The Hat (C3)

I WIll Wait For You (C3)

Já to tady znám © (97)

Ja to znam ! © (97)

Jsem rad, ze Te mam © (97)

Just Another Polka (C3)

Kazacok Medley (C3)

Killing Me Softly With His Song (C3)

Krasne je zit (C3)

Kratka noc © (97)

Kvety lasky ©(97)

Kytice vuni © (97)

Leto (The Summer) (C3)

Linda (C3)

Long Ago And Far (C3)

Love Is Many Splendored Thing (3K)

Ma Klaro (C3)

Mám tě rád, a ty to víš © (97)

Mariana (C3)

Marina (C3)

Miami Beach Rhumba (C3)

Mistral (C3)

Modry Pavilon (C3)

Modry sarafan Medley (C3)

Moon River (C3)

Moonlight in Vermont (C3)

Mracky (C3)

Paganini (C3)

Piano Rock BoB (C3)

Prekrasny den © (97)

Probuzení © (97)

Quando Quando Quando (C3)

Rent Party Blues (C3)

Rosa Na Kolejich (C3)

Santa Lucia (C3)

Santorini © (97)

Sara Perche Ti Amo (C3)

Sarlatán © (C7)

Snow Waltz Schnee Waltzer (C3)

Stanice laska © (97)

Sunny (C3)

Svita (C3)

Svita A Snezi © (97)

Svítání © (97)

Tak abyste to vedela (C3)

Tak nevím © (97)

Tea For Two (C3)

To se pocita © (97)

Valentyn © (97)

Velky Den © (97)

The Way You Look Tonight (C3)

When I Fall In Love (C3)

Wien bleibt Wien (C3)

Yes Sir That's My Baby (C3)

Za tebou © (97)

Zitra Bude Svatek © (C7)


Bob's YouTube Links

(4/6/23) These Easter songs are part of my newest Easter´s video greetings and do not have a name yet. Some of them are in an abbreviated version. I have marked them as Easter 1 to Easter 6. Easter 7 to Easter 13 added on 3/23/24. The point for PSR TUTORIAL members is the music (PSR-S970 or CVP701) rather than the visual part. I recommend those interested should use the YouTube translator.

(12/21/23) These Christmas video greetings do not have a name yet. Some of them are in an abbreviated version. I have marked them as Christmas 1 bis Christmas 6.

(3/23/24) Easter 7 to Easter 13 added.

Christmas 1

Christmas 2

Christmas 3

Christmas 4

Christmas 5

Christmas 6

Easter 1

Easter 2

Easter 3

Easter 4

Easter 5

Easter 6

Easter 7

Easter 8

Easter 9

Easter 10

Easter 11

Easter 12

Easter 13


Bob's MIDI Song Index

MIDI SongsBob has provided 10 songs in midi format. These were created on the CVP-301. Individual songs are shown in the table below and any one song can be downloaded by right-clicking on the song link. You can download all of Bob's MIDI songs in one file: The table displays the song title, tempo (T), time signature (TS), lyrics (L), chords (C), where possible, the style used, the original volume (V), and the keyboard used (K).

Title T TS L C Style V K
Amorada 175 4/4 N Y Rhumba 01 C3
Choo Choo Choo's Boogie 182 4/4 N Y 01 C3
Dolanes 60 4/4 N Y 6-8Orchestral 01 C3
Frosty The Snowman 78 4/4 N Y 01 C3
Jingle Bell Rock 115 4/4 N Y R&BBallad 01 C3
Leto 50 4/4 N Y 01 C3
O Tannenbaum 85 4/4 N Y 01 C3
Paganini 78 4/4 N Y PopBallad 01 C3
Sunny 142 4/4 N Y MediumJazz 01 C3
Tea For Two 100 4/4 N Y Cool8Beat 01 C3