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Chillout 88 © (8/9) PSR-SX900

Island Bump © (7/5) PSR-SX900

Mary Had A Little Lamb (7/5) PSR-SX900

Slow Short Blues © (7/5) PSR-SX900

Super Smooth © (7/5) PSR-SX900

Thump © (7/5) PSR-SX900

Musical Background

(July 5, 2021) Now retired after a long career in Information Technology, I finally have time for music! I lived in Massachusetts for most of my life, but now live in the Metro Washington DC area suburbs.

My musical history includes very little music instruction. I studied piano and trumpet for two years as a kid, but that was 50 years ago. Music for me then had to wait until I retired.

I don't remember how to read music, and I play completely by ear. I am just a home player and never perform in public. I purchased the PSR SX900 in October 2020 (eight months ago at the time of this writing). Compared to most of the Performers assembled here, I am just a raw beginner. I love the PSR SX900 keyboard/arranger because it brings to life what is inside my head.

I especially favor Jazz and Smooth Jazz, but also enjoy pop, rock, blues, country, dixieland, calypso, etc.

I'm very excited about the recent commercial release (June 28, 2021) of my first music single, "Super Smooth" which can be found on Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, YouTube Music, Spotify, and Pandora. I hope to eventually build this single into a full album.

I'm also trying to learn the flugelhorn, but it is slow going for sure!

Bob Coate
(rcoate in forum)

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Bob's songs are arranged alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Songs were recorded on the PSR-SX900 (X9).

Chillout 88 © (X9)

Island Bump © (X9)

Mary Had A Little Lamb (X9)

Slow Short Blues © (X9)

Super Smooth © (X9)

Thump © (X9)