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Gary posted a great method for mounting the Logitech Z5500 speaker system on his PSR-3000. Here's my solution. Speakers and the Controller were connected to the subwoofer as indicated in the Z5500 instructions. A stereo cable runs from the Controller to the PSR3000 where it splits into two separate Left and Right connections where an adapter is used to convert the 1/8" connection to a 1/4" connection.

speaker stands First, I purchased two inexpensive Walmart speaker stands.

fig 2 mounting bracket on stand.

The next step was to assemble the mounting bracket on the stands and feed the wiring up through the shaft.

fig 3 aluminum sheet mounted on bracket and standI then went to Ace hardware and bought 4 screws, 4 flat washers, 4 lock washers and 4 nuts. The next stop was a local machine shop where, for $20, I bought two pices of sheet aluminum (1/8" x 14" x 15"). These aluminum pieces were then mounted to the bracket on the stand.

fig 4 two speakers on standTwo speakers were then attached to each stand (figure 4).

fig 5 finished standFinally, I added a piece of velvet (found at a local thrift store for $0.50) to finish the stand (figure 5).

On the Controller side, the cable plugs into the side of the controller.

I'm using Gary's recommendations for controller settings:

At home, the volume is set to default. At the casino, the volume usually is boosted up to about an 8 or 9 boost.

Here's a look at the final setup on stage:

This page updated on March 23, 2019 .