Hundreds of Christmas styles and songs (midi) in one single collection. Order with USB drive and 900 MP3 Christmas songs are included at no charge.

This Christmas Collection ($20) is for the Christmas holiday. The holidays are a great time for playing your keyboard and entertaining others. You will find in this collection hundreds of style files with which you can create your own Holiday songs as well as hundreds of Christmas MIDI files.

As a special bonus, the Christmas Collecdtion Plus ($35) is delivered on a 16GB USB drive and includes nearly 900 MP3 songs from the many PSR Tutorial Christmas Jukeboxes over the years. So, even if you do not play your keyboard, you will have many hours of Christmas music created on various Yamaha arranger keyboards to help you enjoy the season.

Here is what you will find in the folders in this collection:

I hope you enjoy exploring all the styles and voices highlighted in this collection. Perhaps it will make it easier for you to put together your own Christmas gig collection.

Joe Waters

November 2018

This page updated on June 10, 2019.