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Recent Songs

Rote Rosen, Rote Lippen, Roter Wein - Here is an oldie my mother used to sing. (7/18) Genos

Hello Winter Morning © (1/27) Genos

Afternoon Walk © (9/25) Genos

The Waiting Tree (5/10) PSR-S975 - I made his tune 30 years ago on my funny little PSR-47. I adapted it for modern times just a couple of weeks ago, and played it on my S975.-

Isle Of Capri (4/11) PSR-S975

White Velvet © (2/8) Genos

Musical Background

(Dec, 2017) My name is Toril V. Susegg, I come from Norway and I was born in 1960. We had a farm, but when I was 4 years old, we moved to the town of Trondheim, where I have lived ever since. I have always loved music, and my mother used to sing a lot. No one in my close family played an instrument, but my mother purchased a guitar when I was seven, hoping I would learn to play it. I never did, and my niece got it. But the year after, I heard a boy playing accordion at a school concert, and I was awestruck! I felt something in my heart that is hard to describe, and from that moment I only wanted one thing, an accordion! At Christmas my mother and father made that wish come true, and I can still remember how happy I was! I have played accordion ever since.

I love to make melodies, and call myself an amateur musician and melody maker. I learned songs by listening to them. Except for maybe 10 hours with an accordion teacher I have had no musical education.

In 1990, I purchased my first keyboard, a PSR-47! I made many melodies on that funny little machine, and eventually started to play at birthday and Christmas parties, senior centers, hospitals and such. When I perform, I always play a mix of self made songs and well known songs, and I also read poems and essays that I have written myself.

In September 2003, I purchased my PSR 2100, and this was a huge step upwards for me! With this keyboard I started to play even more for different societies, and it inspired me to make a lot of new tunes! But I only used internal styles. I have extremely low vision, and the screen of the 2100 was difficult for me to see.

In the spring of 2017, I finally decided it was time to look for a new keyboard. While searching on the internet for new Yamaha models, I stumbled upon PSR Tutorial, and was so impressed with all the great and useful features this site can offer that I hurried to become a member. Got my forum profile in May, and have learned more these last months than all previous years on my own. In September 2017, I purchased an audio interface, installed audacity on my computer and started posting songs on the forum. I have no other friends who play keyboard, so it was so exciting to find a lot of people on the forum that I could discuss all things keyboard with! I have received so much help here, and listened to so much outstanding music. Knowing that I had a lot of forum friends that I could turn to, I purchased my new keyboard, an S970 in September 2017, and I want to thank all keyboard enthusiasts in PSR Tutorial for a wonderful community!

Note: in December 2018, a damaged S970 was replaced with a new S975 and Toril also purchased a used Tyros5 and a Genos.

Toril's MP3 Songs - PSR-S975/S970/2100, Tyros5, Genos

Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. The list below includes all of Toril's songs arranged alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Keyboards: (21) PSR-2100, (97) PSR-S970, (98) PSR-S975, (T5) Tyros5, (G1) Genos..

Afternoon Walk © (G1)

April Dreams © (G1)

Autumn Is Here © (21)

Autumn Night © (97)

Ballad Of The Dreamer © (G1)

Basking In The Sun © (97)

Beer Barrel Polka (G1)

Before Sunset © (97)

Bossa For Cheering Up © (21)

Bye Bye Blackbird (98)

Call Of A Lonely Spirit © (97)

Cha cha cha In Minor © (97)

Country Dream © (97)

Dancing Autumn Leaves © (21)

Dancing On The Ladder © (97)

Dark Mood © (21)

Deep Forest Blues © (97)

Deep In The Heart Of Texas (G1)

Det kimer nu til julefest (G1)

Die Loreley (G1)

Distant Dream © (21)

Dominique (G1)

Dreaming By The Fireplace © (21)

Du grønne glitrende tre (98)

Elida's Trumpet © (97)

Evening Sun © (G1)

Feel Good © (21)

A Fine Sunny Day © (T5)

The First Snow © (T5)

The First Snow © (T5)

Flathill Drums © (21)

Forest Lullaby © (G1)

The Forester's Little Tune © (97)

Garden Dance © (98)

Gentle Surprise © (98)

The Glow Worm (G1)

The Green Pasture © (G1)

Happy Guitar Melody © (21)

Happy Organ Time © (97)

Happy Organ Time 2 © (98)

Happy Shuffle © (98)

Heading Home (G1)

Hello Winter Morning © (G1)

Heralding Autumn © (T5)

The House Organ 2 © (98)

The House Organ © (97)

I Did It! © (21)

I Will Wait For You (T5)

I'll Never Find Another You (G1)

Il Silenzio (T5)

Isle Of Capri (98)

Jump Dance © (98)

King Of The Road (G1)

The Kitchen Dance © (98)

Kom Mai Du Skjonne Milde (98)

L'Important C'est La Rose (G1)

La Golondrina (G1)

Late Summer Blues © (21)

Longing For The Forest © (97)

The Lounge Ladies © (T5)

The Machine © (G1)

Mambo Nr 64 F © (97)

Marching Out The Vaccine © (G1)

Marina (G1)

Menuett I Mai (98)

Mockingbird Hill (98)

Monday ChaCha (G1)

Musevisa (21)

Nightfall © (G1)

October Night © (G1)

The Old Guitar © (21)

On The Cabin Porch © (97)

The Party Goes On © (97)

Peace © (97)

Peaceful Evening © (21)

Pebble In My Shoe © (G1)

Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (G1)

The Postman's Waltz © (G1)

Prancing Down Main Street © (21)

Promise Of Sunlight © (G1)

PSR Tutorial Chacha © (21)

Rainy Night © (T5)

Resting In The Shade © (98)

Ride Out Of Town © (97)

Romjulsdrøm (T5)

Rote Rosen, Rote Lippen, Roter Wein (G1)

Sail Along Silvery Moon (G1)

Sense Of Wonder © (G1)

Sette Utfor! © (97)

Silent Night (21)

Slow Waltz With Father Time © (G1)

Snow Dance © (98)

Solstice Rumba © (97)

The Sound Of Sadness © (98)

Spring Jump © (98)

Spring Shuffle © (G1)

A Stroll In The Park © (T5)

Summer Joy © (97)

Summer Night Party © (98)

Summer Solace © (98)

The Sunshine Girls © (T5)

Tempus Fugit © (T5)

This Is The Day © (T5)

Top Of The World (G1)

Toril's Lullaby © (G1)

Toril's RockChaCha © (21)

Toril's Tango © (21)

Towards The Sea (98)

The Troll's Stomp Dance (G1)

The Twelfth Of Never (98)

The Unruly Guitars © (98)

The Vain Lady © (98)

Veranda Holidays © (G1)

Waiting For The Train © (21)

The Waiting Tree (98)

When It's Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley (T5)

White Velvet © (G1)

Who Can Sail (98)

Winter Holiday © (97)

Winter Night Blues © (97)

Winter Night Tango © (98)

Wonderful Monday © (98)