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Only The Lonely (7/22) Tyros5

Sitting On Top Of The World (7/22) Tyros5

Alexander's Ragtime Band (7/12) Tyros5

Young World (7/7) Tyros5

You Never Can Tell (7/1) Tyros5

Musical Background

(March 2020) I went for piano lessons at 13 years old costing two shillings and sixpence. I went for just a year because my parents could not afford the fee. Then, I started playing the accordion in my dad's dance band when I was 15 years old. I took over the band at 19 years old. There were no organs at the time.

When the Hammond organs came into the clubs, I had a bit of a bother getting the clubs to let me play there organ. But I persevered and played all over the north east for dancing that was going well back then.

I worked as a slaughterman for 20 years then an ambulance driver till I retired. But, I kept on playing out 4 to 6 nights a week.

My first keyboard was a Roland E 86. The next one was a Technics KN7000 followed by the Yamaha Tyros2. I now play the Tyros5 that I very much like.

Jon D.


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Ain't Got Nobody (T5)

Alexander's Ragtime Band (T5)

An American Trilogy (T5)

Any Time (T5)

Beer Barrel Polka (T5)

Blame It On The Bossa Nova (T5)

Broken Wings (T5)

The Carnival Is Over (T5)

Chattanooga Choo Choo (T5)

Cherry Pink (T5)

Copacabana (T5)

Freight Train (T5)

The Good Life (T5)

I Do I Do I Do (T5)

Just A Closer Walk With Thee (T5)

Kidding Mr Hitler (T5)

Londonderry Air (T5)

Make Believe (T5)

Manana (T5)

Marianne (T5)

Mr Tambourine Man (T5)

Muskrat Ramble (T5)

Only The Lonely (5+)

Only You (T5)

Red River Valley (T5)

Running Bear (T5)

Sitting On Top Of The World (T5)

Sitting On Top Of The World (T5)

Sleepy Time Gal (T5)

Sweet Georgia Brown (T5)

Them There Eyes (T5)

Waiting For The Sunrise (T5)

You Never Can Tell (T5)

Young World (T5)