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Recent Songs

Bach Invention 1 in C major (7/20) PSR-S910

Ballade Pour Adeline (7/20) Tyros5

Brasileirinho (7/20) PSR-S910

California Blue (7/20) Tyros5

Com Que Roupa (7/20) Tyros5

Conquest Of Paradise (7/20) Tyros5

Doch Des Herzklopf (7/20) Tyros5

Solo Dios Sabe (7/20) PSR-S910

Whatever Will Be, Will Be (7/20) PSR-S910

Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch (7/20) PSR-S910

Musical Background

(July, 2021) Gabriel Schuck is a visually impaired keyboard player, pianist and music producer based on the city of Novo Hamburgo (Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil).

Gabriel is qualified as a professional in composition and arrangement and instrument technician by Faculdades EST (Escola Superior de Teologia of São Leopoldo) in addition to having graduated as a phonographic production technologist from the Universidade Federal do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos) also in São Leopoldo.

His interest in music started very early, at the age of 3. At age 5, he was already studying at the Sol & Cia music school of Novo Hamburgo. He has played with the Orquestra de Sopros de Novo Hamburgo and accompanied great regional artists such as Rafael Malemotti, Daniel Torres, Guri de Uruguaiana, Marcelo do Tchê, Marcelo Teixeira and Paulo Dionísio.

As a solo keyboardist, he is constantly asked to play in parties, weddings and dinners for couples. With his last band, he played at the Churrascaria Schneider of São Leopoldo for 4 years. He also has songs of his own available to listen to on major streaming platforms.

Gabriel is a big fan of yamaha keyboards. The first one he had at home was a PSR-510, although he was already playing on the school's PSR-520. The PSR510 was quickly replaced by a PSR-S500, then S710 and S910. Today, Gabriel also has the Tyros5, thus achieving the dream of having a top model in a country where the difficulty.

Gabriel is a member of the PSR Tutorial forum (gabrielschuck). You can reach him there or via the email link above.


Gabriel's MP3 Song Index

Gabriel's songs are listed alphabetically below by song. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song.

Bach Invention 1 in C major (91)

Ballade Pour Adeline (T5)

Brasileirinho (91)

California Blue (T5)

Cidade Maravilhosa (T5)

Com Que Roupa (T5)

Conquest Of Paradise (T5)

Doch Des Herzklopf (T5)

Guten Morgen (91)

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman (T5)

Meu Abrigo (91)

River Kwai March (T5)

Solo Dios Sabe (91)

Tango Medley-La Cumparsita and Adios Muchachos (91)

Whatever Will Be, Will Be (91)

Works (Bee Gees) (91)

Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch (91)