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Throw Off The Granite © (2/13) Tyros5

Autumn Wind © (9/21) Tyros5

Mtsyri © (9/01) Tyros5

Dence Fog © (7/20) Tyros5

High-Speed Train © (7/20) Tyros5

The Good Day ©

Musical Background

(May, 2018) Hello! My name is Andrey Gusev. I was born in 1961 on Sakhalin Island (this is in the east of Russia, north of Japan and west of America) and lived there until 2012. Then, I, my wife and my youngest son moved to the Moscow region. The elder daughter and son stayed to live on the beautiful Sakhalin.

I tried to compose my first compositions in high school. At that time, my parents sent a younger brother to study at a music school and bought him a piano. This piano was my first musical instrument. My brother graduated from music school and became a fine car mechanic. He has not touched the piano since. As for me, on the contrary, I did not get a music education, but I did become a musician.

I bought my own instrument with the money I earned after graduation from the institute. It was an electronic organ of Soviet production. It cost me five monthly salaries. It was a heavy instrument and the keys were constantly out of order. But it had a powerful, strong case, on which three people could sit when there were not enough chairs. When the organ began to break every day, I got angry and threw it out. I bought myself an electric guitar, having spent on it only three of my monthly salaries. But I did not learn to play it. Now, It is lying on my balcony. When good keyboards began to import into Russia, I was able to buy myself a normal synthesizer for two monthly salaries. It was a workstation CASIO WK-1800, which has served me wonderfully for 12 years. It was on this synthesizer that I created most of my songs.

I have never been a professional musician. My profession is a geologist. And music is my main hobby in life.

My musical work did not go unnoticed in my city and its environs. I began to win prestigious awards at various regional contests of songwriters. My songs were performed by local bands and solo performers. I became a hero of local radio and television programs.

But, once I tried to play on YAMAHA PSR-A2000 and realized that I lost a lot in my life without having such an instrument. I gave CASIO to my goddaughter, and decided to buy a PSR-A2000. While saving money, I decided that it would be better to buy the PSR-S750. I began to save more money and decided that it might be better yet to buy the PSR-S950. I saved some more money and .... The Russians have a saying that sounds something like this: "If you want to marry someone, then it should be only the queen!" So, in the end, I bought myself a Tyros5 with 76 keys.

When creating music, in addition to the Tyros synthesizer, I also use computer programs.

In Moscow, gaining popularity is much more difficult than in the provinces. But I do not despair. I continue to write music with the help of the Tyros. I finished a musical fairy tale. Now I'm working on a rock opera. Unfortunately, I do not have any English songs, so I'll only show you my instrumental compositions. I hope you like them. Thanks to Joe and this PSR Tutorial site!

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Autumn Wind © (T5)

Dence Fog © (T5)

The Good Day © (T5)

High-Speed Train © (T5)

Neon Evening © (T5)

Mtsyri © (T5)

Night © (T5)

Solaris © (T5)

Storm © (T5)

Throw Off The Granite © (T5)