The "Walk On Up" Gospel Progression


Christian music piano lessons Last week we looked at a chord progression that is technically known as a "double plagel cadence." A plagel cadence is a chord progression that closes a section of music with a IV to I. A double plagel cadence would mean playing the IV of the IV before ending on the I chord:

Gospel Technique #1:
"Get On That Church!" Chord Progression

The IV chord of the IV chord, followed by

the IV chord, followed by

the I chord.

Gospel music piano lessonsThis time we will demonstrate another gospel technique, which builds on this technique, but turns it into a rock or jazz riff. We'll call it the "walk on up" chord progression, because it "walks up a 4th" to the next chord, and then uses the "IV of IV" chord progression for a bluesy feel.

Gospel Technique #2:
"Walk On Up!" Chord Progression

Walk in 10ths from the I chord up to the IV chord,

but quickly move to the IV of the IV first,

then back to the IV, then back to the I chord. Use 7ths freely.

Here's an example in the key of Bb.

You can toggle back and forth all day long on those 3 chords -- the I7 chord (put a 7th in all chords to make them sound bluesy), the IV7 chord, and the IV7 of the IV7 chord. Many gospel players use very little else except variations of these 3 chords. Of course there are many other techniques you could use, but that would take an entire book or course to chronicle all the potential techniques available.

But for the purposes of this free lesson, this is plenty, and will keep you playing variations of this for years to come!

Thanks, and may
God bless you!

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