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In the PSR-S970 there are 167 icons in the panel list. Using these icons, we can change the icon shown for Voices, Styles, Midifiles, Multipads, etc by using the NAME function to rename the file.

But we can also use extra icons (not shown in the icon list) by changing the character icon code in the style filename shown by the computer. For example, if we copied the 60's8Beat style to a USB drive and then viewed that style in the computer, it would be shown as 60s8Beat.T160.sty. Here "60s8Beat" is the file name; ".T160" is the character code of the icon (the icon image is Pop) and ".sty" is the file extension. If we change the icon character to ".108", the Pro icon will appear.  If we change the icon character to ".S512",  a player with the EGuitar icon will appear. Like this we can apply extra icons by changing the icon characters between the file name and file extension.

To illustrate, the PSR-S970 screen shot below shows 4 sample styles where the icon for the 60s8Beat style was changed. The fourth style shown is the original style from the PSR-S970. The icon for the first style shown was changed with the NAME function of the keyboard (EGuitar was selected). The second style was modified in the computer by changing the icon character to ".S512" (Guitar Player). The third style was also changed in the computer by using the icon character ".T108" (Pro).

S970 Icons

For your convenience, I have compiled two sets of Bitmap images of Icons. The first set includes 167 default icons available in the PSR-S970 (and S975). You can view all of these icons in your keyboard and change them using your keyboard. The link here provides a folder with all of these S970 icons in a bmp format. If you view these in your computer as "Tiles", you can see the image as well as the image number and names. The screen shot below shows the first 12 icons in the folder.

Extra Icons

The second set includes 230 Extra icons. These can be applied using your computer by changing the icon character (given in brackets). These can be applicable in S975 also. The "Tiles" screen shot below shows the first 12 "extra" icons that are available for your use. You can see the rest by scrolling through the list in your computer.


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This page updated on May 20, 2021 .