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I'm in the process of heading slowly toward retirement, and I'm down to about 160 jobs this year. Last year I booked 357 and turned down an equal number because of scheduling conflicts.

The best technique I've found for booking jobs at nursing homes, assisted living centers, retirement communities, senior centers, and similar venues has been direct mail. However, you need to do more than just send a flier to a perspective client and hope for the best--it doesn't work that way. Here's what worked for me.

Create Advertising Package

First, I sat down at the computer and using Print Shop, put together a very attractive series of advertising packages. They ranged from simple cards, to fliers, to full blown packages that cost about $4 to compile. The full-blown package used a dark-blue presentation folder (available at Staples) with a photo inserted in the cover. Inside, there was a letter of introduction with exerts from various satisfied clients, 4-page song list, a 6 to 8-song CD and a business card inserted in the card slot. This cost nearly $2 to mail, which puts the package cost at approximately $6.

Make Simple Card or Flier

A simple card, or one-page flier, again compiled and printed using Print Shop, is a lot less expensive, can be mailed in a 6 X 9 Calendar envelope and requires only a single first class postage stamp. They too are quite effective.

Contact the Right Person

The secret to success, though, is to get the information to the right person, otherwise it will end up in the trash-can along with the tons of junk mail they receive every day. This was done by calling each facility on my mailing list and obtaining the name of the activities director (AD). This was easy. I merely called the facility and said

"Hi, this is Gary Diamond from Travlin' Easy Productions. We're updating our computer files on the various centers in the Baltimore metropolitan area and just need to verify the information we have on file."

At this point I would provide them with the mailing address I have in my computer, then ask about the number of beds or residents, and the name, and the correct spelling of the name, of the Activities Director. Now, you have the information to get your advertising package to the right person. I usually updated the list every 6 to 12 months, just to keep it current.

Follow-up Your Mailing

The next part of the process is the follow-up to the mailing. After allowing about 5 to 7 days for the package to arrive, pick up the telephone and call the person you mailed the package to. Once you have him or her on the telephone, ask them if they received your package. If the answer was yes, tell them you are putting together your schedule for next month or next year, whatever the case may be, and you would like to meet with them to set up an entertainment schedule for their facility. Some, ironically, will actually offer to do it over the phone, while others will set up a meeting at the facility.

Become a 'Salesperson'

I prefer meeting the AD in person, which then allows me to take a close look at the facility as well. (For a variety of reasons, there are some locations where I just will not perform.) At this point, you must become a salesperson. And, as any successful salesperson will tell you, you must dress for the occasion. In most instances you should wear the same apparel you would normally wear if you were going for a job interview.

Put Together A 'Formal' Schedule

Sit down with the AD, and with your scheduling calendar, put together a schedule that fits both your and their needs. Once the jobs have been scheduled, go back to your home office, sit down at the computer and compile a "Confirmation of Appearance" letter that lists all dates, locations and times of the upcoming performances. Again, Print Shop makes this an easy job that looks very professional and businesslike. Send two copies of the confirmation to the AD, along with a SASE, have them sign one of the letters and mail that copy back to you. In some instances, I actually use one of my contracts and list all the performance dates on one contract. It's a bit more formal, and it provides the client(s) with clear descriptions of the various exclusions within the contract.

Stay in Touch With Customers

Once the client has been booked, they are placed on another mailing list I have compiled. This is one that I use for sending wall calendars, pens, Christmas cards, and other forms of advertisement that keeps my name high on their list. They're purchased from National Pen Company and over the years have proven very effective. Because my name is on their wall calendar, and the pen they use daily, I'm one of the first entertainers they call when it comes time for special events, parties that command a much higher fee. The calendars only cost me a little over $1 and about .25 cents for the fancy envelope. Most of the time I deliver the calendars in person, usually in late August or early September, and at the same time, book the upcoming year's entire schedule. The pens cost about .39 to .49 cents apiece and can be mailed out with the cards and packages. If you want a great calendar that can be mailed at a reasonable price, pocket planners sell for about .60 cents and can be mailed in a standard #10 envelope.

For those of you who may be wondering where all these senior places are located in your area of the United States, Click Here. You'll be amazed at how many centers are located within an hour or less drive time from your home.

While everyone believes competition is high in their particular area, keep in mind that most of the individuals providing entertainment are not full time entertainers. Some can only work nights and weekends, which means there are huge numbers of locations where you can work weekdays. Provide them with a great show, act professional, schmooze with the residents, and your calendar will be so full you will have to book your own vacation two years in advance.

Hope this helps,


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This page updated on May 20, 2021 .