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High-End Portable Keyboard Reproduces Incredible Voices, Lifelike Guitar Sounds, With Yamaha's Exclusive Megavoice Technology

Tyros keyboardBUENA PARK, CA (November 6, 2002)—Yamaha Corporation of America, Portable Keyboards, has launched a new dimension in sound and performance with the introduction of the TYROS keyboard.

Even before hearing TYROS, the innovative, functional, and beautiful design indicates that this is something quite new. Easily morphing from a keyboard with or without speakers, TYROS is an extremely versatile unit for stage, studio, or home. Control surfaces are designed for high visibility in low light environments, and include several different formats for speakers, depending on application. Add a huge, adjustable color display and the overall impression is stunning.

Like its predecessor—the PSR9000—TYROS is a 61-key, portable keyboard complete with microphone input, digital mixer, vocal harmonizer, a built-in digital audio system, and professional features like aftertouch, pitch bend and mod wheels. Designed for users at every level, TYROS includes GM compatibility and auto accompaniment features, and can be connected directly to a computer via its USB port. In addition, TYROS is fully compatible with the software of the PSR9000 and PSR8000.

Armed with Yamaha's new megavoice technology, the hallmark of TYROS is stunningly realistic sounds, complete with physical characteristics of the sampled instrument.

"Most digital keyboards can play back a recorded sample of a guitar," states Jim Presley, marketing manager, Portable Keyboards. "However, the guitar is a dynamic instrument and can sound quite different, depending upon how, and by whom, it's being played. Pick noise, string noise and other natural characteristics occur with different playing styles, and are lost in most digital keyboards. megavoice returns the 'missing elements' to produce a sound that is indistinguishable from the original."

The stunning sound quality is the best ever produced by Yamaha. Expanded to 128 notes maximum polyphony, TYROS is loaded with incredible voices that reproduce all the timbres and nuances of acoustic and amplified instruments. Innovative "Live Drum" sounds contain six layers of samples which cross fade from each other, based on velocity. They have been recorded in stereo, resulting in realism never before heard in sampled drums.

TYROS contains a large music database called "Music Finder" and all operations have been simplified through the direct access function, one-touch settings, and on-screen guidance—a necessity for the performing musician who must change settings quickly. The help screens can be accessed in 6 different languages for even more versatility.

A video output allows TYROS to display lyrics from a MIDI song file through a projector or directly into a television monitor—an especially attractive feature for houses of worship that display lyrics, or for home users as a karaoke device.

"The user interface and auto-arranger functions of TYROS are perfect for the beginner, as well as the professional musician who doesn't play the keyboard, but plans to use it as a writing tool," adds Mark Anderson, product manager, Portable Keyboards.