PSR-S910/S710 Press Release

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More Power to the People: The New PSR-S910 and PSR-S710 Additions to Yamaha's Deep Line of Arranger Workstation Keyboards

(July, 2009) BUENA PARK, Calif.—Yamaha debuts two new Arranger Workstation keyboards, the PSR-S910 and the PSR-S710.

PSR-S910 Songwriters and arrangers will find that the PSR-S910 fulfills their needs for a great-sounding instrument with pro capabilities, but it's also perfect for so-called "one-man bands" because it puts the performer in charge of hundreds of different virtual bands that sound great due to ultra-realistic accompaniment styles. It's like having instant access to top session musicians at the touch of a key or the press of a button.

The new model adapts feature sets from Yamaha's flagship arranger Tyros3, including Super Articulation Voices, which give strings, guitars, reeds and brass sounds real-time expressiveness previously unattainable on a keyboard instrument, including the slide of a guitarist's fingers across a string or the breaths taken by a sax player.

The 61-key PSR-S910 also includes a luxurious 7" X 7" color screen and professional features like USB audio recording and playback of MP3. It also features a broadband connection that lets users link the keyboards directly to the Internet, where downloadable content is available.

"The accompaniment styles found on the PSR-S910 give keyboard players a quick and easy way to sound like a fully arranged ensemble with little or no setup required," said George Hamilton, Electronic Keyboard Product Manager, Yamaha Keyboard Division. "The powerful Music Finder feature even allows them to set up the entire instrument by simply selecting from thousands of song titles. Style, tempo, variation and right hand Voices are instantly set when you select a title; it couldn't be any easier, faster or simpler."

In addition to great sounds, the 61-key PSR-S710 blends functionality and affordability. With its huge sonic palette and realistic styles, it's an ideal arranger at home and on stage. High-end features include dozens of effects, a 16-track sequencer, an audio recorder and Internet connectivity.

"The PSR-S710 represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of the Arranger Workstation keyboard at all price points," said Dane Madsen, Electronic Keyboard Marketing Manager, Yamaha Keyboard Division. "The addition of USB audio recording delivers tremendous benefits to all musicians -- be they beginner, hobbyist or pro."

The PSR-S910 and the PSR-S710 are expected to ship in October 2009.