PSR-3000 Press Release

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Convenience, Quality and Expandability Set Yamaha PSR1500 and PSR3000 Apart

Arranger Workstation Keyboards Include USB To Device, Broadband Connections

PSR1500ANAHEIM, CA (June 30, 2004) — The new Yamaha PSR1500 and PSR3000 keyboards combine the technological innovation of arranger workstations and the traditional functions of portable keyboards into great sounding systems for a new generation of musicians.

PSR3000Debuting at Winter NAMM 2004 and available in May, the new entries represent significant upgrades to the Yamaha PSR line, and come equipped with advanced features normally found on higher-end professional units. The PSR1500 and PSR3000 are the first Arranger Workstations to offer USB "To Device" connections that will allow users to connect peripheral devices to their keyboards, and broadband 10Base-T, which facilitates direct connection to the Internet and downloadable content.

"The PSR1500 and PSR3000 provide affordable alternatives to high end workstations, yet include what most professionals look for – convenience, quality and expandability," states Jim Presley, marketing manager, Yamaha Portable Keyboards. "It's a whole new playing field, and the customer is going to want to play along."

The PSR1500 includes 61 full-sized keys with touch response, 96 notes of polyphony, SmartMedia® storage and incredibly realistic organ voices that use modeling technology. Other features include a large 320 x 240 backlit LCD, a 16-track sequencer, 793 GM/XG voices and 16 drum kits, 210 styles, stunningly realistic voices and a stereo two-way speaker system.

"The PSR1500 represents a huge step up in technology and sound for the Yamaha Arranger Workstation line," adds Presley. "This product is the really the result of customer suggestions, such as the USB 'To Device' connection."

Sound and advanced features set the PSR3000 apart from other Arranger Workstation keyboards in its class. The PSR3000 includes 61 full-sized keys with touch response, a generous 128 notes of polyphony, SmartMedia® storage and a selection of stunningly realistic sounds that use Yamaha's proprietary MegaVoice technology. The PSR3000 also includes a color LCD, a 16-track sequencer, 829 GM/XG voices, 240 styles, a stereo two-way speaker system and a video output to display music scores or lyrics.

"The PSR3000 offers the most value of all the Arranger Workstation keyboards in our product line," states Mark Anderson, product manager, Portable Keyboards. "Many of the features were previously reserved for our top models, like Mega Voice technology and a video output. What's more, the USB 'To Device' connection and SmartMedia capability finally bring large media storage to this level of product."