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Innisfree (10/10) PSR-9000

Lyin' Eyes (10/10) PSR-9000

Ride On (10/10) PSR-9000

True Love (10/10) PSR-9000

I'll Get Over You

Just When I Needed You Most

Musical Background

(25 May 2019) - Born in 1944 in Dublin, I have lived here all my life with my lovely wife Rita. We are married 52 years. I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls and now 7 grand children. My eldest son died last year in tragic circumstances, he was a good piano player and is sadly missed by his mother and I.

I have been playing music since I was 12 years of age starting with piano and later playing piano accordion and guitar. I started piano lessons when I was 12 but hated the discipline of it. I soon gave it up (to my regret now) and started to play by ear. This was much more fun than playing scales and exercises. In my twenties I played guitar in a folk group for a couple of years but that evetually fizzled out.

I got my first keyboard when I was in my early forties, a GEM, which had about 12 styles and 20 voices. I gigged with this in a 3 piece for a few years. Since then, I have owned quite a few keyboards including Farfisa, Wurlitzer, Korg, Gem, and Roland. I was resident musician in a football club forabout 16 years where I had to provide musical backing for singers and visiting Caberet artists.

I have been gigging for the past 20 years with my good friend Chris. He does most of the vocals,which lets me concentrate on the music. At one time this was about 3 gigs a week, but that has all changed now since the Government here introduced very strict "drink driving laws" and the pubs and bars are not frequented nearly as much as previously.


Currently, I have 3 keyboards: a PSR9000, a Tyros(1) and Tyros2 (my gigging machine.) Although I do not gig too much now, I still would like to upgrade my keyboard (the Tyros1), but it is hard to justify when it can't earn it's keep. I would like to retire the Tyros1 for a used Tyros4/5.

I'll keep an eye out on the forum for someone upgrading to the new Genos. That's about all I have to tell you at the moment, so I'll say goodbyes for the present and keep in touch on the forum. By the way, I still have great interest in Multi Pads and believe they are a great resource, underutilized by most players. I use them a lots as an alternative to multitracking.

Bye for now,

Leo's MP3 Song Index

Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. The list below includes all of Leo's songs arranged alphabetically by song title and keyboard. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song.

Anna Marie v (Richard)


Baker Street

Be My Guest


Blue Eyes Cryin'

Blue Moon v (Frank)

Buone Serra


Elizabethan Serenade (9k)

Folsom Prison (9k)

Frankie and Johnny (9k)

I Wanna Dance With You (9k)

I'll Get Over You (9k)

Innisfree (9k)

Jazzy Spree (9k)

Just When I Needed You Most (9k)

Kansas City (9k)

Kinda Hush (9k)

La Via En Rose (9k)

Lady Is A Tramp (9k)

Lark In Clear Air

Lyin' Eyes (9k)

Marchin Georgia

Mauri Love Song (9k)

Mona Lisa (9k)

Moulin Rouge (9k)

My Kinda Girl v (Chris)

Neideen (9k)

Nora Maggie (9k)

Old Rugged Cross (9k)

On The Road Again (9k)

Only Rivers Run Free

Over The Rainbow (9k)

Paddy Reilly (9k)


Ramblin' Bob (9k)

Red River Valley (9k)

Ride On (9k)

Ringsend Rose (9k)

RocknRoll Years (9k)

Rose Of Tralee (9k)

Rthym Of Rain

Secret Love (9k)

Story Of Love (9k)

Stuck In Middle

Tenneesse Waltz (9k)

There's Always Me

True Love (9k)

Waltz Time (9k)

What Colour Is The Wind (9k)

You Don't Know Me (9k)

You Make Me Feel So Young