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Yamaha Announce New PSR-S550B Keyboard – 176 Styles, 283 Realistic Voices, Full480 Voice XG Support

Yamaha have today announced the PSR-S550B, which is a 61-key digital workstationwith 796 realistic sound voices.

The PSR-S550 inherits the high-quality sound features of the PSR-S700/S900, resulting in improved musical performance through increased polyphony and more voices variations, Using the 16-track sequencer and Style Creator, the ability to produce a wide array of music has greatly increased.

Keyboard/Polyphony -- 61 regular-sized touch sensitive keys and 64-note polyphony.

Wide Selection of Voices & Styles -- Total of 294 realistic instrument voices (283 panel voices, 11 Regional voices, 480 XG voices, 14 Drum/SFX Kits and 8 Regional Drum/Percussion Kits), and 176 accompaniment styles (including 4 Arabic, 2 Indian, 2 Chinese, 2 Mexican, 3 Latin & 1 Brazilian Style) which allows the enjoyment of regionally unique music, making it possible to have even more fun with music.

Amazingly Realistic Sounds -- Yamaha’s highly acclaimed Sweet! and Cool! Voices deliver incredibly natural and dynamic sound. Use the Pitch Bend wheel, and hear these Voices – especially the Sax and Trumpet – truly come alive!

Style Creator -- Style Creator supports original style production and style editing. The newly added regional voices can also be used, expanding the joy of performing music.

XG-compatible -- It provides more voices and variations, as well as greater expressive control over voices and effects, and to ensure compatibility of data well into the future.

Music Database plus External Files -- You want to play music in your favorite style, but you’re not sure how to select the best voice and style for the type of music you want to play … simply select the appropriate style from the Music Database. The panel settings will automatically be adjusted for the ideal combination of sounds and style! Furthermore, this instrument allows Music Database files transferred from a computer or stored on a USB flash memory device. These files can be used in the same way as the internal Music Database.