(January, 2011) Mark has been involved with synthesizers and music since the 60's. Originally from Boston, he worked for two of the pioneering synthesizer manufactors, ARP and MOOG. He played in several bands, did commercial and soundtrack work, and produced and engineered at two of Boston’s first 24-track studios. Mark worked and toured with Todd Rundgren and Utopia throughout Europe, Canada and the USA.

In the 80’s Mark moved to NYC. He continued doing soundtrack work, producing local acts for independent record labels. He did music for the 1982 World’s Fair and worked at Voyetra, creating the first commercial sequencing software for PC's.

In the mid 80's, Mark became vice-president of special projects at DISCONET. Some of his credits include: Rainy, I Can Fly; Hazell Dean, Turn It Into Love on Capital Records; Sharron Redd, I Specialize In Love;, Isley/ Jasper/ Isley, 8th Wonder Of the World on CBS records; Patrick Cowley, Menergy; Paradise, Over the Rainbow on Hot Tracks and Loading Bay Records; Vicki Shepard, Somewhere on Let the Music Play and Loading Bay Records; and Gino Socci, Dancer.

Mark has also composed more than two albums worth of material for 'OMNI MUSIC' one of the top music library services in the US. He also had an album of New Age music released, Solestas on Periodic Music. He has done numerous productions for NYC multi-media companies, and HBO. He has continued to the present working and creating music of all types for a variety of clients.

Be sure to visit Mark on his myspace page.