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Recent Songs

The Battle of New Orleans (vocal)

Ginhouse Blues (vocal)

Over In The Gloryland (vocal)

Streets of London (vocal)

They Call Me The Breeze (vocal)

Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness

Musical Background

(May, 2012) Born in Germany. During my apprenticeship, I founded a band: 2 guitars, bass and drums. None of us had any theoretical musical knowledge, and we did not understand very much of the English lyrics we were singing.

Later on, I completed a technical and commercial degree and started finally my own business where I am still working. Due to my studies, my time was very limited so we stopped playing and, during the following years, I hardly touched my guitar at all.

When I served in the German Navy, I acquired a growing interest in sailing. I bought my first little 21-foot yacht in the UK and 10 years later I started to build a 34-foot aluminium yacht , which we still sail.

Since 1985 I have been happily married to Jill, my former English teacher from the UK. Almost too late, I remembered the great time with the guitar band and I started keyboard lessons in September 2009. I play only for family, friends and my own pleasure.

I love English humour and a good laugh and one of my favourite comedians is the American ventriloquist Jeff Dunham.

I am very sorry to report that Udo passed away on 21st February 2021.

Udo's MP3 Song Index

Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. The list below includes all of Udo's songs arranged alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Songs are recorded on Tyros5 (T5), Tyros4 (T4), or Tyros3 (T3).

Age (vocal) (T4)

Aint No Sunshine (vocal) (T3)

Als Ich Fortging (vocal) (T3)

Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (vocal) (T5)

The Battle of New Orleans (vocal) (T5)

Be My Number Two (vocal) (T5)

Blowing In The Wind (vocal) (T3)

Circle Of Style (vocal) (T4)

Cosy (T4)

Dat Du Min Leevsten Büst (vocal) (T4)

Dream Lover (vocal) (T3)

Gettin' By (vocal) (T5)

Ghost Riders (T4)

Ginhouse Blues (vocal) (T5)

The Girl Of My Best Friend (vocal) (T5)

Give My Love To Rose (vocal) (T3)

Green Grass Of Home (vocal) (T3)

His Latest Flame (vocal) (T4)

I Loved Her First (vocal) (T3)

I'm On Fire (vocal) (T5)

In The Mood (T4)

Joe's Stage (vocal) © (T3)

Johnny Guitar (T4)

Kiss Me Quick (vocal) (T3)

Living In The Promiseland (vocal) (T3)

Merci Cherie (vocal) (T5)

Molly Malone (vocal) (T5)

My Bonny (vocal) (T5)

The Old Nickelodeon Song (vocal) (T3)

Over In The Gloryland (vocal) (T5)

Peace Pipe (T4)

Pipeline (T5)

Ride On (vocal) (T5)

Ring Of Fire (vocal) (T5)

Shakin' All Over (vocal) (T4)

She's Not You (vocal) (T5)

Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness (T5)

Streets of London (vocal) (T5)

Tears In Heaven (vocal) (T5)

Teddy Bear (vocal) (T3)

They Call Me The Breeze (vocal) (T5)

Time In A Bottle (vocal) (T3)

Verde (T5)

Waiting For A Train (vocal) (T3)

Welcome To Germany (vocal) © (T3)

Where Have All The Fowers Gone (vocal) (T5)

Wild Rover (vocal) (T5)

Wind Of Change (vocal) (T3)

Wonderful Tonight (vocal) (T4)