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Lonely Shepherd

Beds Are Burning (vocal)

Billie Jean (vocal)

California Dreamin (vocal)

Musical Background

(28 December 2015) I live in Brisbane, Queensland down under in Australia. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and emigrated to Australia in 1982. I was married but I am single now.

I had classical piano lessons for only two years at primary school but had to stop when I went to high school. I kept up with music by learning to play the spinet organ, later purchasing a Lowry organ. I also dabbled with acoustic guitars a bit.

I discovered arranger keyboards in the 80's and since then I have owned a number of Technics and Yamaha keyboards. I purchased the fabulous Tyros 5 when it cam out in 2013 and I really love it. I am learning new things about the T5 all the time, from places like this website and YouTube.

I am an amateur musician and I like all kinds of music excepting rap and heavy metal. I sing a little and I have decided recently to share my songs with others. I have a friend who also has a Tyros 5 and occasionally we get together for a jam session and usually record one or two songs as well.

All my songs and the ones I do with my friends are recorded live. The video is recorded separately from the audio, which is recorded to the T5 hard disk. I use video editing software to synchronize the video and audio and produce a high definition movie. This is then uploaded to my YouTube channel. I also convert the Wav audio file to an MP3 file for sharing purposes.

Richard Losper

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Beds Are Burning (vocal) (T5) [Video]

Billie Jean (vocal) (T5) [Video]

California Dreamin (vocal) (T5) [Video]

Lonely Shepherd (T5) [Video]

O Holy Night (T5)