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The Lady Is A Tramp (1920s piano)

Phantom Of the Opera



Moonlight Serenade

Lady Is A Tramp

Musical Background

(July 2020) I am a retired project engineer (83) having worked in the motor industry all my life and I am located in Solihull, West Midlands UK. This is a small town roughly about 8 miles south east of Birmingham.

I developed an interest in playing music rather late in life, probably in the mid 1980s, when my younger daughter started playing the recorder/flute at school. This interest increased when she moved on to keyboards and I started taking lessons along with her, first at the local Yamaha Music School and later, on a one to one basis with a guy at another local music shop. I recall that he used to hand write the score for the song, to be used in the current lesson, whilst I was trying to perform the previous week's effort. Still don't know how he did it!
We had a couple of small portable keyboards before moving on to a Yamaha C55 organ, a Yamaha HS6 organ and then a Yamaha CVP92 piano. My daughter rapidly improved and soon left me behind, and when she eventually left home to get married, my interest waned somewhat and the piano was left to gather dust in our front room for many years.

Then back in 2015 a Yamaha CVP605PE arrived, which revived my interest and I was again able to spend many happy hours trying to remember all the tunes etc, that I used to play and make up for those lost years! The vast majority of my playing, makes use of Styles, downloaded from the PSR Tutorial and I must express my grateful thanks, to all those who have contributed.

Then recenly, I took the plunge and upgraded again to the CVP805PE, which is absolutley magic, someone asked me to describe the diiference to the previous model, I can only say, clarity, realism, detail etc. I am old enough to remember when FM radio took over from AM, and the difference is much the same!

This is very much a case of playing for my own enjoyment and I would be the first to admit, if you were to sit me in front of a normal acoustic piano, then I would be absolutely useless!

Best regards,
Ken Toone

Ken's MP3 Song Index

Songs are listed alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to audition and/or download the song. Songs recorded on the CVP-605.

Blue Moon (C6)

By The Time I Get To Pheonix (C6)

Dream (C6)

Eidelweiss (C6)

A Foggy Day (C6)

For All We Know (C6)

Games That Lovers Play (James Last) (C6)

Lady Is A Tramp (C6)

The Lady Is A Tramp (1920s piano) (C6)

Misty (C6)

Moonglow (C6)

Moonlight Serenade (C6)

My Way (C6)

Phantom Of the Opera (C6)

Satin Doll (C6)

Sing (Carpenters) (C6)

Song For Guy (C6)

Take Me Home Country Road (C6)

Top Of The World (C6)