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Brown Eyed Girl (PSR-S650)

Imagine (PSR-S650)

It's You (PSR-S970)

Lodi (PSR-S970)

One Last Dance (PSR-S970)

My Musical Journey

(March, 2019) Hello! My name is Sergio Covarrubias, blind from birth. Musician for 14 years.

My taste for music started when I was little, but it wasn't until I was 10 years old that I was able to get my first keyboard. It was a Casio CTK120. After that, I got a Yamaha PSR-E313. That was really my first step to professional music.

I didn't study, I've learned most of the time by myself. I only took one year of piano, which I used to enrich my songs.

Passing through other brands, the one that really won my interest is Yamaha. A PSR-S650 was a great step to good musical arrangements.

I like to compose music, mostly instrumental.

I currently have a PSR-S970, and my dream is to have a Genos or a Tyros. But it will happen, I think. I hope you enjoy my music. Thank you.


Sergio's MP3 Song Index

Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. All of Sergio's songs are listed below alphabetically by title and keyboard. Click on any song title to listen to and/or download the song.

Adelina (65) widt

Besame Mucho (97)

Bridge Over Troubled Water (97)

Brown Eyed Girl (65)

Donna (97)

Hero (97)

Hooked On A Feeling (65)

I Love Her (97)

Ice Castles (97)

If You Leave Me Now (97)

Imagine (65)

It's You (97)

Lodi (65)

Lovely Rita (65)

My Way (97)

New York New York (97)

Norwegian Wood (97)

One Last Dance (65)

Pan Flute (97)

Perfect (97)

Proud Mary (65)

Ticket To Ride (65)

Time To Say Goodbye (65)