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Recent Songs

Walking The Dog v (10/17) Tyros5

Saw Her Standing v (10/17) Tyros5

Stand By Me v (10/17) Tyros5

All I Have To Do Is Dream v (10/17) Tyros5

Le Premier Jour © (10/14) Tyros5

Organ Pop © (10/14) Tyros5

Pop Along © (10/14) Tyros5

Musical Background

Been around for over 70 years. Born in the UK but spent a lot of time travelling and living abroad.

Joined a band for three years in the late 60’s and played with some of the greatest names of that time -- the Stones, the Hollies, the Searchers etc.

But then I had to get serious. So, I studied hard and then joined an American Chemical company for 35 years.

All the time I played keyboard as a hobby. I have posted many of my style creations and tinkered versions on this site (Chris Easdown's Styles).

But, of course, I have played all the time too. So, I am posting over time, songs that I have composed and my own takes of some of my favourite originals including those I sang in the band.

All compositions were created on the Tyros 4 or Tyros 5.

chesterkins on the forum.

Chris's MP3 Song Index

Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. The list below is alphabetical by song title. Click on the song title to audition and/or download the song. Songs recorded on Tyros5.

All I Have To Do Is Dream (vocal) (T5)

Aranjuez (T5)

Awesome © (T5)

Le Premier Jour © (T5)

Nobody I Know (T5)

Organ Pop © (T5)

Pop Along © (T5)

Sarah © (T5)

Saw Her Standing (vocal) (T5)

Stand By Me (vocal) (T5)

Stay On © (T5)

Trip Hop2 © (T5)

Walking The Dog (vocal) (T5)

The Way We Were (T5)