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All Of Me (PSR-S770)

How's The World Treating You (v) (PSR-S900)

It's Just A Matter of Time (v) (PSR-S900)

Crazy (v) (PSR-S900)

Green Green Grass of Home (v) (PSR-S900)"

It's Just A Matter of Time (v) (PSR-S770)

My name is Brian Miles, born in 1941 in Wiltshire UK. I first learned to play when I was 7 years old. My teacher was a church organist. I played until I was 11 before losing interest until I played in a mouth organ band when I was a teenager.

I joined the Merchant Navy as an engineer in the early 60s, sailing out of Liverpool and saw the Beatles before they were famous. After a spell in the MM, I joined the Royal Navy for a short commission.

I bought my first organ in 1979, a Gem Wizard with 12 rhythms and not many voices. I then had a series of Technics organs including a U90 Split, playing out in various clubs in the West country. My first Yamaha was a HS6 organ, but I soon realised that the way forward was the lighter, more manageable keyboards. My first keyboard was a Technics K700, then a KN2000. That is when I first began to convert and construct styles having bought one of the first editions of EMC Styleworks, which was, at that time, sent to me on a floppy disc that I still have.

I took early retirement from my job in Local Government in 1994 when I was 53 after having a brain tumour scare and a couple of ops. I eventually had most of the Technics keyboards up to the KN7000 buying the occasional Yamaha until Technics stopped producing keyboards when I started using Yamahas full time. During that time, I played out regularly all over the UK, mainly in small hotels and mostly dance music.

In 2005, due to heart problems, I decided to pack it in and my last gig was at The Golf Hotel at Woodall Spa on New Years Eve although I have done a few Sing Along sessions for the old folks since. Now I just played for my own amusement, still converting styles when new ones are available, making styles from Midi files and running a small group on the internet.

I now live in Lincolnshire with my wife and 2 West Highland White Terriers, not far from Woodall Spa, I now use a PSR-S900, a PSR-S770 and a K1, which runs on batteries.


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Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. The list below is alphabetical by song title. Click on the song title to audition and/or download the song. Songs recorded on PSR-S770 (77) or PSR-S900 (S9).

All Of Me (77)

Crazy (vocal) (90)

Green Green Grass of Home (vocal) (90)

How's The World Treating You (vocal) (90)

It's Just A Matter of Time (vocal) (77)

It's Just A Matter of Time (vocal) (90)