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From Russia With Love (12/31) PSR-S970

I'm Henry VIII, I Am (12/31) PSR-S970

Love Changes Everything (12/31) PSR-S970

Nature Boy (12/31) PSR-S970

Songs My Mother Taught Me (11/26)

My Musical Journey

(November, 2019) My musical journey up to Autumn 1957 consisted of a number of spasmodic experiences and experiments – choirboy from 8 to 14, cello lessons at school, a kind of Dixieland band with some pals (I played bass trombone).

Then it was time to “put away childish things” and go to university and get qualified as a Mechanical Engineer, marry, buy a house and raise a son and a daughter. They in turn have followed the same route and I'm now a grandad.

Then in 2011 my wife of 50 years died from cancer.

In 2015 I wandered into a music store in my City centre and met for the first time a large room full of instruments that had keyboards and lots of buttons and knobs.  A few were being played, and I homed in on a Yamaha PSR-S970 arranger. A salesman tried to sell me an electronic piano because the arranger was too complicated for someone with my limited experience. I insisted. This machine would be the answer to those long winter evenings, and so it has proved to be.

A simple internet search led me to the brilliant structured lessons of the PSR Tutorial pages, and thence to “our” forum. There is no doubt in my mind that I should have struggled without those tutorials. The friendliness, helpfulness, and patience of the members of the forum have been crucial to whatever progress I have made. I am so grateful to them.

Alan Clare
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Always On My Mind (97)

Christmas Alphabet (97)

The Coventry Carol (alanclare) (97)

Don't Dilly Dally On The Way (97)

Fly Me To The Moon (97)

From Russia With Love (97)

Here We Come A Wassailing (vocal) (97)

I'm Henry VIII, I Am (97)

Love Changes Everything (97)

It Came Upon The Midnight Clear - Noel (97)

Nature Boy (97)

Show Me The Way To Go Home (97)

Somewhere (97)

Songs My Mother Taught Me (97)

Sound Of Silence (97)

When They Begin The Beguine (97)

Wonderful Tonight (97)

You Make Me Feel So Young (97)