New Panel Voices in TYROS5
TYROS5 (©2013) is the Next Top Level Keyboard next to TYROS4 with huge number of Featured Voices
Ensemble Voices
These are special Voice settings that feature multiple Voices, used in realistic ensemble 
combinations, such as brass section and string quartet. Up to four special parts or instruments 
are provided within a single Voice. But rather than just being a combination, the 
parts are dynamically assigned to the notes,and are distributed among the intervals you 
play in exceptionally natural,musical ways—as if four different players were actually 
playing the parts live. Moreover, the discrepancy between each instrument—the pitch, 
timing, etc.—can be controlled and “humanized,” making the overall sound amazingly 
authentic and expressive.
In Standard Voices the MSB Value is 109. In S.Art1&2 Voices MSB is  009.
New Unique and Additional Voices of PSR-S970 (©2015) are listed at end.
Here is the list of the New TYROS5 Voices
Voices Parameters Next in
Cool!SuitcaseSoft 104-007-005 GENOS
Cool!SuitcaseSoft 104-007-005 GENOS
Cool!VintageEP 104-008-005 GENOS
Cool!SuitcaseBallad 104-009-005 GENOS
Cool!SuitcasePhaser 104-010-005 GENOS
Cool!SuitcaseDrive 104-011-005 GENOS
Cool!SuitcaseTremolo 104-012-005 GENOS
Cool!SuitcaseJazz 104-013-005 GENOS
Cool!SuitcaseWarmth 104-014-005 GENOS
Cool!VintageEPDrive 104-015-005 GENOS
Cool!SuitcaseHard 104-016-005 GENOS
Cool!TX-EPBright 104-010-006 GENOS
Cool!TX-EPMellow 104-011-006 GENOS
Cool!TX-EPWarm 104-012-006 GENOS
Chrysoglott 104-028-018 GENOS
TheatreOrgGlock 104-029-018 GENOS
TheatreOrgXylo 104-030-018 GENOS
TheatrOrgChime 104-031-018 GENOS
TheatreOrgHarp 104-032-018 GENOS
EuroAccomp1 104-033-018 GENOS
EuroAccomp2 104-034-018 GENOS
EuroAccomp3 104-035-018 GENOS
TheatrePedal1 104-016-019 GENOS
TheatrePedal2 104-017-019 GENOS
HomeOrgTromb 104-019-019 GENOS
HomeOrgClari 104-020-019 GENOS
HomeOrgCello 104-021-019 GENOS
HomeOrgE.Horn 104-022-019 GENOS
HomeOrgCornet 104-023-019 GENOS
HomeOrgViolin 104-024-019 GENOS
HomeOrgKinura 104-025-019 GENOS
SeasideOrgan 104-026-019 GENOS
Tibia&Vox 104-028-019 GENOS
OpenTibias 104-029-019 GENOS
GambaCeleste 104-030-019 GENOS
FullTheatre1 104-031-019 GENOS
FullTheatre2 104-032-019 GENOS
FullTheatre3 104-033-019 GENOS
FluteAccomp 104-034-019 GENOS
StringsAccomp 104-035-019 GENOS
ChrysoglottAcc 104-036-019 GENOS
HomeAccomp1 104-037-019 GENOS
HomeAccomp2 104-038-019 GENOS
Live!Tutti   104-000-020 GENOS
Live!GrandJeu 104-001-020 GENOS
Live!FondsEtAnches 104-002-020 GENOS
Live!OrganoPleno 104-003-020 GENOS
Diapason 104-004-020 GENOS
Claribel8&Flute4 104-005-020 GENOS
LieblichGedackt 104-006-020 GENOS
SoftReeds 104-007-020 GENOS
Live!SlideSpanishGtr 104-009-026 GENOS
Live!SteelAcoustic 104-010-026 GENOS
Live!ChickenPickGtr 104-011-026 GENOS
Live!SteelGtrTwin1 104-012-026 GENOS
Live!SteelGtrTwin2 104-013-026 GENOS
UnisonStrings 104-009-051 GENOS (In Synth)
MedDetStrings 104-010-051 GENOS (In Synth)