New Panel Voices in TYROS2
TYROS2 (©2005) is the Next Top Level Keyboard next to TYROS  with many more Extraordinary Voices
TYROS offers Mega Voice only for Guitars and Basses. But TYROS2 offers Mega!Voice for Strings, Trumpet, Brass and Sax.
SuperArticulation! First introduced in TYROS2 and followed by PSR-S900 (©2007)
In S.Art Voices MSB is also 008, LSB Starts from 032 in each category
The Super Articulation Voices provide many of same benefits as the MegaVoices, 
but with greater playability and expressive control in real time.
For example, with the Saxophone Voice, if we play a C and then a D in a very 
legato way, we will hear the note change seamlessly, as though a saxophone 
player played it in a single breath. Similarly with the Concert Guitar Voice, the D 
note would sound as a “hammer on,” without the string being plucked again. 
Depending on how we play, other effects such as shake (for Trumpet, Brass) 
or breath noises (for Trumpet, Sax), or finger noises (for the Guitar Voice) will be produced.
This type of Voices are added more and more in the upcoming Models in various catrgoties.
Preset OrganFlutes! Voices (For Style Playback) are given in this Model.
Here is the list of the New TYROS2 Voices
Voices Parameters In Next PSR
Live!BrightPiano 000-112-002 PSR-S900 and later Regular in PSR-730 (©1997)
BallroomOrgan 000-115-004 PSR-S910 and later (In Organ)
Cool!Tremolo EP 000-113-005 PSR-S910 and later Regular in PSR-730 (©1997)
Cool!SparkleStack 000-121-006 PSR-S900 and later
Cool!BalladDX 000-122-006 PSR-S910 and later 000-124-006 in  later**
Cool!DX Dynamics 000-123-006 PSR-S910 and later
Live!Harpsichord 000-112-007 PSR-S910 and later Regular in PSR-730 (©1997)
Live!GrandHarpsi 000-113-007 PSR-S910 and later Regular in PSR-730 (©1997)
Cool!Hold It Fast 000-111-017 PSR-S910 and later 000-111-018 in  later**
Cool!RotarySwitch 000-127-017 PSR-S910 and later 000-110-018 in  later**
Cool!EvenBars 000-126-018 PSR-S910 and later 000-111-017 in  later**
Cool!R&B Tremolo 000-111-019 PSR-S910 and later
Cool!JazzSlow 000-125-019 PSR-S910 and later 000-126-018 in  later**
Cool!JazzFast 000-126-019 PSR-S910 and later 000-127-018 in  later**
FullTheatre 000-127-019 PSR-S910 and later
Cool!CurvedBars 000-118-020 PSR-S910 and later 000-121-017 in  later**
Cool!VintageFast 000-119-020 PSR-S910 and later 000-127-017 in  later**
OrganAccomp1 000-120-020 PSR-S910 and later 000-108-018 in  later**
OrganAccomp2 000-121-020 PSR-S910 and later 000-107-018 in  later**
OrganAccomp3 000-122-020 PSR-S910 and later 000-106-018 in  later**
OrganAccomp4 000-123-020 PSR-S910 and later 000-105-018 in  later**
OrganAccomp5 000-124-020 PSR-S910 and later 000-104-018 in  later**
Cool!TwoChannels 000-125-020 PSR-S910 and later 000-109-018 in  later**
SweetTheatre 000-126-020 PSR-S910 and later 000-126-019 in  later**
MasterAccord 000-118-022  PSR-S910 and later
FrenchMusette 000-119-022  PSR-S910 and later
JazzAccordion 000-120-022  PSR-S910 and later
AccordionBass 000-121-022  PSR-S910 and later
MasterBass 000-122-022  PSR-S910 and later
MusetteBass 000-123-022  PSR-S910 and later
Ballroom Acordion 000-112-024 PSR-S900 and later (Old Name TangoAccordion)
TangoAccordion 000-114-024 PSR-S910 and later
TangoBass 000-115-024 PSR-S910 and later
Some Organ Differences in TYROS2 and Later**
TYROS2 Later** Voice Parametre
Cool!Hold It Fast Cool!EvenBars 000-111-017
Cool!RotarySwitch Cool!VintageFast 000-127-017
Cool!EvenBars Cool!JazzSlow   000-126-018
Cool!JazzFast SweetTheatre 000-126-019 
Later**=CVP-409(©2007), TYROS3(©2008) and later