Mega!SteelGuitar 008-000-001/002 PSR-3000 and later
Mega!HiStringGtr 008-000-002/003 PSR-3000 and later
Mega!12StringGtr 008-001-002/003 PSR-3000 and later
Mega!CleanGuitar 008-000-003/004 PSR-3000 and later
Mega!OverdriveGtr 008-000-004/005 PSR-3000 and later
Mega!DistortionGtr 008-000-005/006 PSR-3000 and later
Mega!AcousticBass 008-000-016/017 PSR-3000 and later
Mega!ElectricBass 008-000-017/018 PSR-3000 and later
Mega!PickBass 008-000-018/019 PSR-3000 and later
Mega!FretlessBass 008-000-019/020 PSR-3000 and later
Some New and Different Voices in PSR-2100
PSR-2100 (2003) is the Upgraded Keyboard of PSR-2000. Released after TYROS
It carries the new Sweet! Voices of TYROS with Different LSB Values.
Some Unique are added. These setups are continued only in CVP-210, 208 (2003)
Live!Harpsichord 000-122-006/007 Unique
Live!GrandHarpsi 000-123-006/007 Unique
Sweet!Harmonica 000-122-022/023 Instead of 000-112-022/023
Sweet!Mandolin 000-124-025/026 Instead of 000-114-025/026
Sweet!Violin 000-122-040/041 Instead of 000-113-040/041
Sweet!Oboe 000-122-068/069 Instead of 000-113-068/069
About PSR-3000 Voices (After PSR-3000 P.C. Numbers are given +1 than Previous Models)
GS Voices
In addition to GM2 voices, 235 GS Voices are introduced in PSR-3000 and PSR-1500 (2004)
These are ROLAND Compatible Voices (Only for Playback)
Panel Voice
Cool!Suitcase EP 000-118-005 PSR-S900 and later Regular in PSR-740 (1999)
In same batch of PSR-3000 (2004) CVP-309 has all the 3K Voices and Additional Voices of T1
Drum Voices in 309 Parametres Drum Type
StandardKit1 127-000-001 Live!Drums
StandardKit2 127-000-002 Live!Drums
JazzKit 127-000-033 Drums
BrushKit   127-000-041 Live!Drums
HitKit 127-000-005 Drums
RoomKit 127-000-009 Drums
RockKit 127-000-017 Drums
ElectroKit 127-000-025 Drums
AnalogKit 127-000-026 Drums
DanceKit 127-000-028 Drums
SymphonyKit 127-000-049 Live!Drums
CubanKit   126-000-041 Live!SFX
PopLatinKit 126-000-044 Live!SFX
ArabicKit 126-000-036 SFX Kit
StudioKit   127-000-087 Live!Drums
The Drum Arrangements in 3K is same as CVP-309 (2004).
The Live Drums are given as Regular Drums in the PSR-3000
But the above marked Kits are sound as Stereo and Dynamic Sampled Sound
(Live Sound) in many Drum Notes.
The Drum Sounds of (PSR-9000PRO and TYROS1)
Live!Standard+Perc 127-000-083/084 given as StandardKit1 in 3K and later
Live!Funk+Perc 127-000-084/085 given as StandardKit2 in 3K and later
Live!Brush+Perc 127-000-085/086 given as BrushKit in 3K and later