New Panel Voices in TYROS
TYROS  (©2002) is the new generation Keyboard, came up with more and more Panel Voices.
This is the Top Level Keyboard (next to PSR-9000PRO) with Ultimate Realism of Voices.
GM2 Voices
In addition to XG/GM voices, 256 GM2 Voices are introduced in TYROS and next in PSR-3000  (©2004)
The MSB Value of GM2 for Voice is 121 and Drum is 120
MegaVoice! Technology first introduced in TYROS and next in PSR-3000  for Realism of Guitars and Basses
In Mega Voices MSB is 008, LSB starts from 000 in each category.
These Voices make special use of velocity switching. Each velocity range (the 
measure of the playing strength) has a completely different sound. 
For example, a guitar MegaVoice includes the sounds of various performance 
techniques. In conventional instruments,different Voices having those sounds 
would be called up via MIDI and played in combination to achieve the desired 
effect. However, now with MegaVoices, a convincing guitar part can be played 
with just a single Voice, using specificvelocity values toplay the desired 
sounds. Because of the complex nature of these Voices and the precise velocities 
need to play the sounds, they’re not intended for playing from the keyboard. 
They are, however, very useful and convenient when creating MIDI data—
especially when you want to avoid using several different Voices just for 
a single instrument part.
This type of Voices are added more and more in the upcoming Models
Most of the older voices are continued, some of them are with new sounds.
Some voices are omitted and many new voices are added
Most of these voices are continued in PSR-3000 (©2004) and Later Models
Additional and Alternative Voices of PSR-2100 (©2003) and PSR-3000 (©2004) are listed at end.
Here is the list of the New TYROS Voices 
Voice  Parameters In Next PSR
Live!WarmGrand 000-114-000/001 PSR-3000 and later
BalladStack 000-114-002/003 PSR-S910 and later
Cool!GalaxyEP 000-114-004/005 PSR-3000 and later Regular in PSR-730 (©1997)
SmoothTine 000-119-005/006 PSR-S910 and later
ChorusBell 000-120-005/006 PSR-S910 and later
StereoClavi 000-114-007/008 PSR-S900 and later
PhaseClavi 000-115-007/008 PSR-S910 and later
Suspense 000-114-011/012 PSR-S900 and later (Perc) Vibes&Flutes after PSR-S950
Tibia 16+4 000-114-016/017 PSR-3000 and later
Tibia 8+4 000-122-016/017 PSR-S950 and later
Kinura 8 000-123-016/017 PSR-S950 and later
Trumpet 8 000-124-016/017 PSR-S950 and later
Tibia+Vox 000-125-016/017 PSR-S950 and later
Tibia Full 000-114-017/018 PSR-3000 and later
PercOrgan 000-119-017/018 PSR-S910 and later
DrawbarOrgan1 000-120-017/018 PSR-S910 and later
Tibia 8 000-122-017/018 PSR-S950 and later
Vox 8 000-123-017/018 PSR-S950 and later
Trumpet 16+8 000-124-017/018 PSR-S950 and later
Tpt+Kinura 000-125-017/018 PSR-S950 and later
Cool!FullRocker 000-115-018/019 PSR-3000 and later Regular in PSR-8000 (©1998)
Cool!RotorOrgan 000-117-018/019 PSR-3000 and later Regular in PSR-8000 (©1998)
RockOrgan2 000-119-018/019  PSR-S910 and later
Sweet!Harmonica 000-112-022/023 PSR-2100, PSR-3000 and later Regular in PSR-730 (©1997)
Live!12StrGuitar 000-113-025/026 PSR-3000 and later Regular in PSR-730 (©1997)
Sweet!Mandolin 000-114-025/026 PSR-2100, PSR-3000 and later Regular in PSR-730 (©1997)
Live!DynoSteel2 000-116-025/026 PSR-3000 and later Live!DynamicSteel in T2 and later
Live!SteelGuitar 000-117-025/026 PSR-3000 and later
Live!DynoSteel1 000-118-025/026 PSR-3000 and later Live!SlideSteel in T2 and later
18String 000-119-025/026 PSR-3000 and later
SmoothLead 000-119-026/027 PSR-2100, PSR-3000 and later (Old Name CarlosGuitar)
Cool!CleanGuitar 000-112-027/028 PSR-3000 and later
Cool!VintageLead 000-125-027/028 PSR-3000 and later
VintageStrum 000-126-027/028 PSR-3000 and later
Cool!FunkGuitar 000-116-028/029 PSR-3000 and later
Cool!Stratsphere 000-117-028/029 PSR-3000 and later Cool!SlideClean in T2 and later
RockGuitar 000-116-029/030 PSR-3000 and later
Cool!BluesGuitar 000-117-029/030 PSR-3000 and later
Cool!PowerLead 000-115-029/031 PSR-3000 and later
VodooLead 000-116-029/031 PSR-3000 and later
PowerChord 000-117-029/031 PSR-3000 and later
MellowFinger 000-112-033/034 PSR-3000 and later (Old Name FingerBass)
Cool!FingerBass 000-114-033/034 PSR-3000 and later Cool!ElectricBass in T2 and later
Cool!DynoPickBass 000-113-034/035 PSR-3000 and later
RockBass 000-114-034/035 PSR-3000 and later
Cool!Fretless 000-112-035/036 PSR-3000 and later Regular in PSR-730 (©1997)
ResoBass 000-112-038/039 PSR-3000 and later (Old Name Synth Bass)
HardBass 000-114-038/039 PSR-3000 and later
HouseBass 000-116-038/039 PSR-S910 and later
PunchyBass 000-117-038/039 PSR-S900 and later
BigDrone 000-118-038/039 PSR-S910 and later
SubBass 000-114-039/040 PSR-3000 and later
80sSynBass 000-115-039/040 PSR-3000 and later
TB Bass 000-117-039/040 PSR-S900 and later