Additional Voices in PSR-9000PRO (Not in PSR-9000)
Live!Grand 000-113-000/001 PSR-2100 and later
AlohaGuitar 000-118-026/027 PSR-2100 and later
CarlosGuitar 000-119-026/027 PSR-2100 and later (SmoothLead in later)
Live!Acro 000-122-049/050 PSR-2000 and later (Live!Allegro in later)
Sweet!FlugelHorn 000-118-056/057 PSR-2100 and later
Sweet!MuteTrumpet 000-114-059/060 PSR-2100 and later
Live!OctaveBrass 000-116-062/063 PSR-2100 and later
Live!Brass 000-117-062/063 PSR-2100 and later (Live!PopBrass in later)
Live!Horns 000-118-062/063 PSR-2100 and later (Live!HyperBrass in later)
ProHeaven 000-122-088/089 PSR-S910 and later
Sunbeam 000-123-088/089 PSR-S910 and later
Live!Brush 127-000-082/083 Only in CVP-2** Models and TYROS1
Live!Standard+Perc 127-000-083/084 Only in CVP-2** Models and TYROS1
Live!Funk+Perc 127-000-084/085 Only in CVP-2** Models and TYROS1
Live!Brush+Perc 127-000-085/086 Only in CVP-2** Models and TYROS1
Live!StyleStandard+Perc 127-000-125/126 Only in CVP-2** Models and TYROS1
Live!StyleFunk +Perc 127-000-126/127 Only in CVP-2** Models and TYROS1
Live!Cuban 126-000-040/041 SFX Kit Continued in TYROS, PSR-3000 and later
Live!PopLatin 126-000-043/044 SFX Kit Continued in TYROS, PSR-3000 and later
OrganFlutes Voices in PSR-2000
OrganFlutes First introduced in PSR-7000 (1995) and continued in Top Level Keyboards
PSR-740 (1999) is the first Midrange Keyboard which carries OrganFlutes Function
with one sample we can create many voices with parametre adjustments.
But in PSR-2000 there are 10 Samples
Org.Flutes!Jazz Draw 000-126-016/017 (Upto PSR-S910)
Org.Flutes!BluesOrgan 000-126-016/017 (Upto PSR-S910)
Org.Flutes!SixteenOne 000-126-016/017 (Upto PSR-S910)
Org.Flutes!Even Bars 000-126-016/017 (Upto PSR-S910)
Org.Flutes!Pop Organ 000-126-016/017 (Upto PSR-S910)
Org.Flutes!RockingOrg 000-126-016/017 (Upto PSR-S910)
Org.Flutes!Percussive 000-126-016/017 (Upto PSR-S910)
Org.Flutes!GospelOrg 000-126-016/017 (Upto PSR-S910)
Org.Flutes!Pad Organ 000-126-016/017 (Upto PSR-S910)
Org.Flutes!Full Ranks 000-126-016/017 (Upto PSR-S910)
Unique Voices in PSR-2000*
FolkGw/pick1 000-116-025/026
FolkGw/pick2 000-117-025/026
FolkGw/pick2 000-118-025/026
TechStrings 000-113-050/051
StyleStandardKit 127-000-080/081
StyleBrushKit 127-000-082/083 (Not in PSR-550)
* Also in PSR-550, 1000, 1100, 2100 and 1500
CVP-2**= CVP-209,207 (2001), 210, 208 (2003)
Old voices given as different names in PSR-2000
SuperFretless 000-113-035/036 (Old Name Jaco Bass)
Live!Allegro 000-122-049/050 (Old Name Live!Acro)