New Panel Voices in PSR-8000 and PSR-740(Not in PSR-730)
PSR-8000 (©1998) is the Top level Keyboard released next to PSR-730
with more stunning Panel Voicesincluding more Sweet! Voices.
PSR-740 (©1999) is the Following Midrange Model carries all 8K Panel Voices and moreadditional voices.
New Additional Voices of PSR-740 (Not in 8K) are listed at the end.
Note: The Panel Voices of PSR-8000, 740 and later are different from PSR-*30 Panel Voices
The *30 Voices are sampled by decreasing or increasing the Octave.
For Example Guitars are sampled by decreasing 1 octave; Basses are sampled by decreasing 2 octaves;
Piccolo, Glocken are sampled by increasing 1 octave. We cannot use thesePanel Voices in PSR-730 for revoicing to styles and MIDI Songs.
But after 8K and 740, all the panel voices are sampled in constant. The Octave values are adjusted in Panel Settings.
For Guitars [-1], For Basses [-2], For Piccolo & Glocken [+1], For Piano, E. Piano [0]
Octaves are adjusted according to the nature of voices.
In PSR-8000, 740 and later models, most of the styles use Panel and XG Voices.
Whereas up to PSR-730, styles use only GM Voice.
Here is the list of Additional Voices of PSR-8000.
Voice Parameters
Vintage EP 000-116-004/005
Stage EP 000-117-004/005
Comp. Organ 000-115-017/018 (Unique)
Full Rocker 000-115-018/019 Given as Cool! Voice in TYROS, PSR-3000 and later
RotaryDrive 000-116-018/019
Rotor Organ 000-117-018/019 Given as Cool! Voice in TYROS, PSR-3000 and later
VintageOrg 000-118-018/019 Omitted in 9k, PSR-2K and Later Models
Tutti Accrd 000-113-021/022 (Old Name Trad. Accordion)
Small Accrd 000-115-021/022
Accordion 000-116-021/022
Modern Harp 000-113-022/023
Blues Harp 000-114-022/023
60ís Clean 000-117-027/028
VintageTrem 000-120-027/028
Solid Chord 000-121-027/028
Wah Guitar 000-122-027/028
Crunch Gtr 000-113-030/031
StackCrunch 000-114-030/031 Heavy Stack in 9k, PSR-2K and Later Models
UprightBass 000-113-032/033 Omitted in TYROS, PSR-3000 and Later Models
Click Bass 000-115-038/039
Snap Bass 000-114-039/040 Omitted in TYROS, PSR-3000 and Later Models
Touch Bass 000-115-039/040 Omitted in TYROS, PSR-3000 and Later Models
Bow Strings 000-116-048/049
Hah Choir 000-114-052/053
Uuh Choir 000-115-052/053
JazzTrumpet 000-116-056/057
Air Trumpet 000-117-056/057 Omitted in TYROS, PSR-3000 and Later Models
Solo Trombone 000-112-057/058 (Old Name Trombone)
Trombone 000-116-057/058
Trumpet Ens 000-122-061/062
Soft Brass 000-123-061/062
Step Brass 000-124-061/062 Omitted in TYROS, PSR-3000 and Later Models
Sweet!Alto 000-114-065/066
Sweet!Tenor 000-117-066/067
Growl Sax 000-118-066/067
Rock Bari 000-113-067/068 Omitted in TYROS, PSR-3000 and Later Models
Sweet!Clarinet 000-114-071/072
Sweet!Flute 000-114-073/074
Un usual Voice Parametres in 8K
Some of the Voice Parametres are given un usually
Rock Organ1 000-113-018/019 instead of 000-112-018/019
Rock Organ2 000-112-018/019 instead of 000-113-018/019
Mellow Draw 000-117-017/018 instead of 000-115-017/018