S970 MIDI to WAV

by Peter Pieters

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For an indepth discussion on converting a midi file to a WAV and MP3 file, see the lesson provided on MIDI to WAV conversion. The examples there use the Tyros3 and Tyros5 screens. The steps below are for doing this conversion on the PSR-S970.

  1. Use the [SONG Select] button and load your MIDI File (do not push PLAY yet)
  2. Press the [USB AUDIO PLAYER/RECORDER] button.
  3. Use the [1 Up/Down Arrows] (REC) buttons to enter recording standby. The [PLAY/PAUSE] button in the display flashes.
  4. Start recording by using the [3 Up/Down Arrows] (PLAY/PAUSE) buttons.
  5. Press the SONG (PLAY/PAUSE) button to start playback of  the MIDI file.
  6. After the song has finished playing, use the [Up/Down Arrows] (STOP) buttons in the USB Player/Recorder to stop recording.  
  7. Recorded data is automatically saved to the USB flash drive as a file with the name automatically set.
  8. Rename this file; probably give it the same name as the MIDI source file.


This page updated on May 28, 2018 .