Playing Songs with Lyrics

by Joe Waters

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  1. Insert a Standard MIDI File (SMF) disk with Lyric data.
  2. Press the [A] button to select SONG in the MAIN screen.
  3. Use [NEXT] to move the the FLOPPY DISK area.
  4. Use [A] – [J] to select a Song and then EXIT to MAIN screen.
  5. Press [B] button to select LYRICS on the MAIN screen

    .Lyrics box (button B) on Main Screen

  6. In SONG section of front panel, press [START/STOP] to start the Song; the Lyrics will appear in the display in time with the music.
  7. Press [START/STOP] to stop the Song.


  1. MAIN screenFrom the MAIN screen, press the [A] button to select a SONG. In this illustration, one of the preset songs, Beauty and the Beast, has been selected.
  2. From the SONG section of the panel buttons, press the [LYRICS/TEXT] button, which will open up the Lyrics display screen.

    T3 SONG buttons

  3. Beauty and Beast lyricsPress the [PLAY/PAUSE] button to start the song. The song will play and the lyrics will be highlighted on the screen as the song plays.
  4. background image screenIf desired, press the [7-B] or [8-B] buttons to select the [BACK GROUND] option. This opens up the LYRICS BACKGROUND PICTURE screen which offers 47 preset backgrounds to choose from. (The screen above is using the Canvas background.)
  5. Press the [STOP] button to stop the song.


This page updated on September 22, 2017 .