Virtual Organ Drawbars

by Joe Waters

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Playing the Organ Voices

  1. keyboard voice category buttonsPress [ORGAN FLUTES] in the VOICE section.
  2. You will see a screen with 10 preset organ voices. Simply pick the organ voice, like any other voice, and try it out.

Creating Your Own Organ Voices

  1. Start by pressing [ORGAN FLUTES] to bring up the Organ Flutes voice folder.
  2. sound creator buttonPress the [SOUND CREATOR] button in the Digital Studio. This is the same path you would use to adjust any of the preset voices. Since you are starting it, however, from the Organ Flutes folder, you will be adjusting the Organ Flute voice.
  3. Sound Creator (organ flutes)  pageUse [BACK] and [NEXT] to select the FOOTAGE tab.  
  4. Use buttons [1] – [8] under the display screen to adjust drawbars. Each button corresponds to the typical Organ drawbars. In the screen shot shown here -- the setting for the JazzDraw! preset voice -- the 16 foot flute is set at maximum. Pressing the [1-A] button moves the drawbar upward thus diminishing this flute until it reaches the very top. You can see that the 5 1/3', 8', 2', 1 1/3', and 1' flutes are entirely OFF. The 4' and 2 2/3' flutes are entirely ON. To add some of the 8' flute, press the [3-B] to add some of the 8' flute to the sound. You can clearly hear the difference as you move the 8' foot flute down through each of the 7 possible settings.
  5. Use the [B] button to change the ORGAN TYPE (Sine or Vintage). [C] changes the ROTARY SP SPEED (Slow or Fast). [G] is for VIBRATO (ON or OFF) and [H] is for the VIBRATO DEPTH. If desired use [NEXT] to check out the other tab settings and make additional adjustments.
  6. You will instantly hear any changes that you make, but these changes are not saved if you turn your keyboard off or switch to another voice. However, you can save your adjusted voice in the USER area or on another available file storage area. Just select the SAVE option, [I], and give your adjusted organ sound it's own unique name. If you save your adjusted organ sound in the USER area, it will always be there and can be selected anywhere a voice selection is available (MAIN, LAYER, or LEFT).

PSR-2100 Owners Manual, p.94.

This page updated on May 28, 2018 .