Playing Styles

by Joe Waters

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  1. Keyboard style category buttonsPress a button in the STYLE section  (For example: [POP & ROCK])  
  2. Use [A] – [J] buttons to select a Style. (For example: 60'sRock).  When there are more than 10 styles in a category, use the numbered buttons at the bottom of the screen to view different the additional pages of available styles in that category.
  3. Turn on the [ACMP] button (red LED illuminates).  
  4. Press [INTRO], then [SYNC START].  You don't have to press the [INTRO] button, you can start the style by just pressing the [START] button.  
  5. Play a chord in the left section of the keyboard.  As you play different chords, the background accompaniment of the style will change to match the chords you are playing.  
  6. Press [ENDING] to hear a finish for the Style.

Keyboards after the PSR-2000 have had three intro and three ending buttons in the Style Control section of the keyboard panel.

Note: You can learn more about selecting styles in the lesson provided in the Start section. You can also use styles from external sources by loading them into the USER area or by loading the style directly from the floppy disk drive.  Learn about "files" and floppy drives in our PSR File lessons and download any of the thousands of styles available in our Style download pages.

This page updated on May 28, 2018 .