Yamaha & Other Videos

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I wish we had a whole course based entirely on videos. But we don't. However, that doesn't mean we can't have some videos for you to watch. In fact, you will find several hours of videos in this section!

Yamaha Keyboard Demos

There are a number of keyboard demonstrations that have been released by Yamaha Corp. You can find some of these on official Yamaha web sites, but those tend to focus on the current keyboard models. However, a lot of the videos for earlier keyboards have been posted on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet. These are generally done by professional Yamaha demonstrators and they are meant to show off some of the key features of the arranger keyboards. Some of the demonstrator videos were done while the demonstrator was showing off the keyboard at a trade show or music store.

For your convenience, I have provided links to some of these videos for many of the keyboards. I have divided the keyboards into three groups: the top-of-the-line Tyros/Genos models, the PSR and PSR-S models, and the CVP models. Just click on the keyboard group you want to see in the list shown in the left-side navigation bar. Since these keyboards are so similar, you may very well find useful videos on keyboards other than your own. The CVP videos, for example, include a number of videos about features included in most of these keyboards.

I am also including some links to a number of tutorial videos that may help you understand some of the major features of the arranger keyboards.

OK, pick a keyboard, and then sit back and watch the performances. Be warned, of course, that videos can be large files and if you have a slow connection, like a dial-up modem, the video may be interrupted frequently to download more of the presentation. You can, of course, opt to download the whole video to your computer, which will also take a very long time, but, once downloaded, will play smoothly on your PC or Mac.

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