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Yamaha Tutorials

AndrecJC Tutorials

Thanks to AndrecJC for a series of tutorials on his S900. These should be valuable to owners of the S910 as well. Visit AndrecJC's Channel on YouTube to see and hear a number of his compositions and other videos.

  • MultiTrack Recording - recording and layering several tracks to create an original and unique composition. Beginner level. (3:37)
  • Simple Editing of Recorded Channels - The Basics - changing the volume and panning of each channel. Beginner level. (2:58)
  • Registration Memory - How to set up and use the registration memory. Beginner Level. (2:48)
  • Converting MIDI Files to WAV Files - How to go from a MIDI file on the keyboard to a WAV file on the computer. This results in a clear, quality recording. This is the method I use for all my compositions. (2:04)
  • Keyboard Drumming I - How to drum on any keyboard with a drum voice. Add percussion to any song, without an actual set of acoustic drums. (4:38)
  • Using 'Song Creator - How to fix mistakes and record over bad sections. A neat way to clean songs up. Intermediate to advanced level. (3:07)
  • Neat Fades on the PSR-S900 - Tutorial on how to add some cool audio fades to your songs. (4:46)
  • PSR-S900/S910 Left and Right Voices - How to split the Yamaha PSR S900 keyboard into two different voices. Here, showing how to make a useful drum kit! (2:23)
  • How to De-Tune the PSR-S900 - How to make detuned voices for the Yamaha arranger workstation keyboards. Applicable to: PSR S700/ S710, PSR S900/S910, TYROS 1 2 and 3. (2:10)
  • How To Use the Yamaha PSR S900 as a MIDI Controller - Tutorial describing the process of using the S900 as a MIDI controller for computer-based programs. Demonstrated using Toontrack EZ Drummer software. (1:54)
  • How To Download Voices onto Yamaha Keyboards - Tutorial describing the process of adding voices to Yamaha's recent line of keyboard arrangers, including the PSR S700/S710, PSR S900/S910, and Tyros series. This is applicable to the voice expansion packs. (3:01)
  • How To Use Super Articulation Voices -Demonstration/Tutorial on the Super Articulation voices recently released by Yamaha. This is applicable to all keyboards that have these voices - PSR S900, PSR S910, Tyros3, etc.
  • Style Creator on PSR S900/S910 - How to create and modify styles on the Yamaha PSR S900 keyboard. Should be applicable to the S910 as well. (3:42)
  • Editing Voices on Yamaha PSR-S900 - How to add effects and change parameters of voices on the S900. Great way to make your songs sound even better! (4:35)

Yamaha Service Videos

Here are some Yamaha videos describing some key features of these keyboards as well as additional services you may want to take advantage of. Not all of the services described below are available on all the arranger keyboards.

  • Play Along With Styles - Peter Baartmans demonstrates Yamaha's expansion styles and shows how to use them to create great songs and performances. (2:33)
  • Internet Direct Connection - Peter Baartmans introduces Yamaha's Internet Direct Connection service, which brings instant downloads, online lessons and more directly onto your instrument. (3:11 - Jan '09)
  • Yamaha's Music Finder Plus - Jason Nyberg introduces Yamaha's Music Finder Plus service, which expands on the Music Finder system on Yamaha keyboards to provide players with thousands of free full keyboard setups and registrations through Internet Direct Connection. (5:16 - Dec '09)
  • Internet Direct Connection Demo - Demo by Junko Kobayashi. (5:23 - Nov '08)
  • Peter Baartmans and the Yamaha Music Finder+ - Peter Baartmans demo of MF+ on PSR-1500/3000, Tyros2, and CVP 300 series. (8:25 - Oct, '07)
  • Yamaha Premium Styles - Jason Nyberg and Martin Harris introduce Yamaha Premium Styles. Premium styles provide exceptionally realistic and flexible instrumental accompaniments for Yamaha keyboards. (3:39 - Dec '09)
  • Premium Packs & Voices - Martin Harris gives an overview of the Yamaha Premium Packs and Voices service available at yamahamusicsoft.com and demonstrates by playing using each pack and voice. (4:00 - Jul '09)
  • Listen To Songs - Peter Baartmans introduces the features, products and services that allow you listen to music with Yamaha instruments. (2:36 - jan '09)
  • Play Along With Songs - Peter Baartmans introduces all of the ways you can use Yamaha's instruments and services to learn and perform by playing along. (2:27 - Jan '09)
  • Play With Sheet Music - Peter Baartmans demonstrates the many ways sheet music works with Yamaha instruments to help you learn and play. (2:25 - Jan '09)
  • Take Lessons - Peter Baartmans explains all of the online and on instrument lesson features available from Yamaha to help you learn the keyboard. (2:14 - Jan '09)
  • Single Finger Mode - Peter Baartmans demonstrates the easiest way to play with styles on Yamaha keyboards, the Single Finger mode. (4:32 - May '09)
  • Multifinger & Fingered Modes - In this video, Peter Baartmans demonstrates the Multifinger and Fingered modes for Yamaha keyboard styles. Learn how to create accompaniments using full chords, and switch back and forth between single finger chords and full fingerings. (3:51 - May '09)
  • Tyros2 Production Set1 - Demonstration Video for Yamaha World of Keys Sampling Software for Yamaha Tyros2 with Sample Ram (8:57)

Yamaha Musicsoft Videos





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