15,970 styles combining Styles #5 and Styles #6 into one collection and eliminating styles available in Styles #7 and Styles #8.

This new collection includes 15,970 styles. Most of these (72%) are still in the earlier SFF1 format. The remainder, almost 4,500 styles are in the newer SFF2 format and these all include OTS. The SFF2 format styles are used in the newer keyboards (Tyros3, Tyros4, Tyros5, Gens and the PSR-S910, PSR-S950, PSR-S970, PSR-S975). The SFF2 style format can not be used directly in earlier keyboards. The newer keyboards, however, can play all the styles using the earlier SFF1 format.

The collection includes styles from some of the earliest and latest Yamaha keyboards, some Yamaha expansion pack styles, some converted and others still needing "tuning" to reset OTS that specified expansion pack voices. There are styles specifically for PSR S950/S750 owners and thousands of styles from other keyboards that have been converted for use on the Yamaha boards.

Even though song-styles that appeared in Styles #7 have been eliminated from the collection, there are still 2,100 "song-named" styles for those who prefer to look for their styles by looking for a particular song. To aid in this search, I've tried to edit the song names to more correctly reflect the actual song title where possible.

The songs are divided into alphabetical subfolders in two main folders: Songs-SFF1 and Songs-SFF2. If you have a newer keyboard, you can certainly merge these songs into one Songs folder.

All of the genre-based SFF2 format styles are found in subfolders within the SFF2 folder. There are 4,300 styles here and 99% of these have OTS. The SFF1 format styles are in a dozen subfolders in the SFF1 main folder. There are 9,500 styles using this earlier format and over 8,000 of these include OTS.

There is certainly a lot here to explore. There is no doubt that you will discover a whole set of new "favorites" for your styles collection. Have fun exploring!

This page updated on September 2, 2022 .