Midi File Utilities

Click on the links for additional info and download instructions. (Java) programs require the Java Runtime Environment; (.Net) programs require the .Net Framework on your computer. (Java) programs will run at several platforms, incl. Windows, Mac, Linux. (.Net) programs are Windows only.

Lyrics Finder

Lyrics Finder detects and extracts lyrics from MIDI, Karaoke and XF files. The extracted lyrics can be edited, printed and saved to file. (.Net)


MIDI2style converts standard MIDI files to Yamaha keyboard style files. (Java)

MIDI and Style File Checker

MIDI and Style File Checker checks compliance of a midi file to the MIDI specification. (.Net)

MIDI and Style Player

MIDI and Style Player plays and auditions MIDI and Yamaha keyboard style files. (Java)

MIDI Formatter

MIDI Formatter converts MIDI files to Format 0. (.Net)

MIDI Mega Voice Cleaner

MIDI Mega Voice Cleaner converts Yamaha keyboard Mega Voices in MIDI files. This allows midi files created on keyboards with mega voices to be played on keyboards that do not have those mega voices. (Java)

MIDI Note Event Cleaner

MIDI Note Event Cleaner removes orphan and overlapping notes in MIDI files. (Java)

MIDI Revoicer

MIDI Revoicer makes changes to voices in MIDI files by revoicing, changing parameter values, transposing,etc. (Java)

This page updated on February 3, 2015.