PSR2000 Registration Files

Richard Peck's 2k Registrations

ffBe sure to review our lessons on Registration Files so you understand how to use these files. Several of the files on this page are discussed in those lessons. Registration files are keyboard specific, that is, a registration file that loads into a PSR2000 will not load into a PSR3000. The files on this page are all meant for the PSR-2000 (or PSR-2100) and are of no value to any other PSR model. PSR3000 and Tyros owners will find registrations for their keyboards on the registratons page for those keyboards.

Richard Peck has provided a set of registration files for the 2000. (He also sent in a new set that he built on his Tyros; you'll find those on the Tyros page.). You will want to read about Richard's Registration Files in the Lessons section.


This is the simplest of all registration files. It is an empty registration file that will quickly clear all 8 of your registration buttons when it is loaded.


This ZIP file contains 6 registration files (Ballad, Country1, Country2, Swing&Jazz-Moderate, Swing&Jazz-Bright, and Waltzes). These registrations conveniently group, in some case slightly modified, PSR2000 internal styles. An index of the contents of each is provided in the "Joe's Category Registration" lesson.


This registration file, originally from Michael Bedesem, shows how slight tuning variations in the internal Grand Piano voice can result in very different piano voices. Perhaps it will encourage you to experiment with those voice paramaters!


Richard Peck has contributed a terrific set of 9 registration banks in which each button configures the keyboard, selecting appropriate style and voices, to play a specific song or type of song. You'll find a complete index of the contents in each registration file in Richard Peck's Registration Files. You can also download individual registration files there.


Here is a set of my favorite voices that can be used with any style loaded. See the lessons on setting up favorite voices for an explanation on how you, too, can make your own set of favorite voices on the PSR2000.


Scotty Yee offers a set of his favorite voice registrations.

Scott Langholff has sent in the registration he used with his PSR-2000. According to Scott, this is "the only set of Reg Mem I ever used. Between that and the 100 voices, I was more than ready to handle anything I wanted to on the fly. They all have an appropriate harmony set up, and if my memory is correct, they are also set to use a pedal for sustain on the Piano, and Glide on all the rest." 120 song registrations in 15 registration files. (Includes 40's Slow, 60's Slow, 70's Slow, Buffet, Country, Slow Country1 & 2, Latin, Mix, Rock, Rock&Roll). For a complete listing see Gary's Reg Page in the Gig Disks section.


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