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All of the PSR Performer MP3 songs are listed in the table(s) below. Click on the appropriate song title table and then on the song title to download the MP3.

Songs Beginning with Letter
Title Performer Keyboard Year
NakitaNick Van ZutphenTyros42018
Nanas Al Nino Jesus (vocal)Diane VillafanePSR-S9002011
The Naughty Lady Of Shady LaneCynthia CookePSR-S9102010
The Nearness of YouLarry TylerTyros52016
The Nearness Of YouJoe WatersPSR-20002005
The Nearness Of YouFrancisco AlbuquerquePSR-S9002009
The Nearness Of YouRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9002012
Nella FantasiaGloria HansonPSR-S9102012
Neon MoonGary DiamondPSR-30002011
Neopolitan Nights/There's No TomorrowJoe FrancisPSR-7402010
Never An AbsolutionMorrie ReeceTyros52014
Never An AbsolutionChris BellPSR-30002002
Never Be Anyone Else But YouNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702017
Never Been To SpainCraig PSR-S9502017
Never Ending Song Of LoveRoger BrenizerTyros42019
Never On SundayNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702019
Never On SundayJoe FrancisPSR-7402010
Never On SundayDavid LaplanteTyros42011
New Hymn VanglsNick Van ZutphenTyros42018
New Kid In TownCraig PSR-S9502018
New OrleansCynthia CookePSR-S9102010
New SoulMorrie ReeceTyros52014
New World In The MorningPeter GasserPSR-S9002012
New YorkHermann SchunkTyros22010
New York MinuteCraig PSR-S9502018
New York New YorkRichard KentPSR-S9502017
New York State Of Mind (vocal)Ken StenzelTyros42013
Nice 'n EasyRichard HerzogPSR-15002010
Night And DayTorben GoldinTyros42013
Night And DayDeane PetersTyros42012
Night Boat To CairoJames HunterTyros32010
Night Time BluesJannie KroeseTyros22011
Night TrainStephen MolnarPSR-S9102009
A Nightingale Sang In Berkley SqDeane PetersTyros42012
Nights In White SatinNick Van ZutphenTyros42019
Nights In White SatinPeter GasserTyros42014
Nights On BroadwayCraig PSR-S9502017
Nine Million BicyclesPeter GasserTyros42014
Nine To FiveDavid LaplanteTyros42011
Nineteen Arches (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
Ninito Jesus (vocal)Diane VillafanePSR-S9002011
No Friend (another version) ©Yuriy BaygushPSR-E3632018
No Matter What (from Whistle Down The Wind)Roy BeardmoreTyros52018
No Matter WhatPeter GasserTyros42017
No Matter What Improv ©Nick Van ZutphenTyros42017
No Other Love Have I ©Nick Van ZutphenTyros42018
Noches de CartagenaJohn VishnoffTyros42011
Non Vivo Piu Senza TeFranco TancrediPSR-S7502013
NostalgieDel KayTyros42015
Nothin' But The BluesNeal SaundersTyros32012
Now And ForeverCraig PSR-S9502017
Now And ForeverMarcelo GasparPSR-21002005
Now I KnowPauline ZTyros22006
Noways TiredJanet GriffinTyros32014
Nyborders PrisSteen Smollerup RasmussenPSR-S9102013
O Lonesome Me (vocal)Larry TylerPSR-S9752018
O Mijn PapaToine DejongTyros22019
Something To Talk AboutCraig PSR-S9502019
O Solo MioPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102012
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-DaDel KayTyros42015
Octoberfest MedleyDel KayTyros42015
Odd CoupleGrant CantrillPSR-S9502014
Ode To JoyNick Van ZutphenTyros42018
Oh BabyDeane PetersTyros42012
Oh BoyLarry TylerTyros52016
Oh By JingoDeane PetersTyros42012
Oh Darling (vocal)Rocco NoscheseTyros42012
Oh Happy DayGary KilbyPSR-30002010
Oh Julie (vocal)Ernie MulderPSR-S9502016
Oh Marie (vocal)Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
Oh! Lonesome MeRoy BeardmoreTyros52017
Oh My Pa-PaPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102013
Oh, Pretty WomanLarry TylerPSR-S9752018
Oh ShanandoahNick Van ZutphenTyros42018
Oh Shenandoah (vocal)Jerry ErnstPSR-30002009
Oktober Impro 2017 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
Old Cape Cod (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52017
The Old Guitar ©Toril SuseggPSR-21002018
The Old Nickelodeon Song (vocal)Udo BeckerTyros32012
The Old Piano Roll BluesRoger BrenizerTyros42015
Old Rock 2017 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
Old Time Rock And Roll (vocal)Jim LaingTyros32014
Olsen BandenSteen Smollerup RasmussenPSR-S9102013
On A Starry Night ©James GraceyTyros22010
On Eagles Wings (vocal)Diane VillafanePSR-S9002011
On Green Dolphin StreetLarry TylerPSR-S9752018
On Green Dolphin StreetDon ValentineTyros42013
On The BeachCraig PSR-S9502018
On The Cabin Porch ©Toril SuseggPSR-S9702018
On The Jericho Road (Piano)Roger BrenizerTyros42016
On The Road ©Laura Remson MitchellPSR-7402012
On The Road AgainCraig PSR-S9502018
On The Road AgainNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702018
On The Sunny Side of the StreetJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102017
On the Street Where You LiveRon JubenvilleTyros42016
On The Street Where You LivePatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102012
On The Sunny Side Of The StreetJannie KroeseTyros22009
Once I LovedDon ValentineTyros42013
Once In A WhileDeane PetersGenos2017
Once In A WhileGary CoupePSR-21002009
Once In A WhileDeane PetersTyros42012
Once Upon A TimePeter GasserTyros42017
One Fine DayJohn PhillipsTyros42014
One is The Loneliest NumberCraig PSR-S9502017
One Last DanceSergio CovarrubiasPSR-S9702019
One Moment In TimeNorman FernandezPSR-S7702019
One Moment In TimeMarcelo GasparPSR-30002007
One Night With You (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
One Note SambaFrancisco AlbuquerquePSR-S9002008
One Pair Of Hands (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002013
One StringsHarp ©Diane VillafanePSR-S9002011
One Toke Over The Line (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52018
One TimeTravel ©Diane VillafanePSR-S9002011
One Too Many Mornings (vocal)David KennedyPSR-S9102013
One Way TicketTorben GoldinTyros52014
Onedin Line ThemePatricia HarmanTyros32011
Only For YouNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702019
Only TimeGloria HansonPSR-S9102013
Only YesterdayNick Van ZutphenTyros42019
Only YouJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
Only YouMarcelo GasparPSR-30002007
Open The Eyes Of My Heart LordOsvaldo De SouzaTyros42012
Oppna Landskab (Open Spaces)Torben GoldinTyros42013
OriginalJoe FrancisPSR-7402010
Our Day Will ComeRichard KentPSR-S9502017
Our Day Will ComeDave ChurchTyros32013
Our Day Will ComeVince AndreoneTyros12009
Our Father (vocal)Diane VillafanePSR-S9002011
Our Love Is Here To StayLarry TylerPSR-S9752018
Our Love Is Here To StayTorben GoldinTyros42013
Out In The CountryCraig PSR-S9502017
Out of Nowhere (Wes tenor sax)Larry TylerTyros52016
Out Of ReachPeter GasserPSR-S9002011
Ouwe TaaleJohn VishnoffTyros42011
Over In The Gloryland (vocal)Udo BeckerTyros52016
OverjoyedPeter GasserTyros42017
Over The RainbowNick Van ZutphenTyros42018
Over The RainbowJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102017
Over The RainbowJanet GriffinTyros32013
Over The RainbowTorben GoldinTyros42013
Over The RainbowMarcelo GasparPSR-30002006
Over The RainbowHermann SchunkTyros22010
Over The RainbowFrank BlechaPSR-30002011
Over The RainbowGary DiamondPSR-30002012
Over YouMike CyrTyros52015
OverkillCraig PSR-S9502018
PaladinNick Van ZutphenTyros42017
Paloma BlancaGrant CantrillPSR-S9502014
Paper Doll (vocal)Jerry ErnstPSR-30002009
Paper RosesToine DejongTyros22019
Paper RosesBill VeniceTyros32009
Paradise CaféDavid LaplanteTyros42011
Part Time LoverJames HunterTyros32010
Party MedleySteen Smollerup RasmussenPSR-S9102013
Pass It OnBill McCrackenPSR-7302010
Patricia, It's PatriciaRoger BrenizerTyros42016
PazienzaFranco TancrediTyros22011
Peace ©Toril SuseggPSR-S9702018
Peace PipeUdo BeckerTyros32013
Peaceful Easy FeelingNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702016
Peaceful Easy Feeling (vocal)Mike CyrTyros52015
Peaceful Easy Feeling (vocal)Jim LaingTyros32014
Pee Loon (Once Upon A Time in Mumbai)Manoj YarashiPSR-S7102012
Peg Of My HeartRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9102012
Peggy O'Neil (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
Peggy SueLarry TylerTyros52017
Pennies From HeavenJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
Pennies From HeavenEileen LowryTyros32009
Pennies From Heaven2Ken StenzelTyros42012
Penny LaneMark StylesTyros42013
PeopleLarry TylerTyros52016
People Get ReadyKen StenzelTyros42012
PerfectSergio CovarrubiasPSR-S9702019
Perfect MomentPeter GasserTyros42017
Perfect PeaceRichard KentPSR-S9502016
PerfidiaSteen Smollerup RasmussenPSR-S9102013
Phantom of Rock OperaGloria HansonPSR-S9102011
Phantom Of the OperaKen TooneCVP6052019
Phantom Of The OperaPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102012
PianoJulio CazesPSR-S9002011
Piano ManNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702019
Piano ManMike SzmaniaPSR-21002009
Piano ManPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102012
Piano Rock BoBBob KCVP3012017
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002013
Pie JesuSusie DrageTyros42011
Pie JesuDiane VillafanePSR-S9002011
Pied PiperNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702016
Pineapple TrailPauline ZTyros22007
Pink Panther Theme (w/Wes tenor sax)Larry TylerTyros52016
Pink PantherBob McKinneyTyros42014
Pink PantherDon ValentineTyros42013
PipelineGrant CantrillPSR-S9502014
PipelineUdo BeckerTyros52014
Pirates Of CaribbeanPedro EleuterioTyros32013
Piya Tose Naina Lage Re (Guide)Manoj YarashiPSR-S7102012
A Place In The Sun (vocal)Jerry ErnstPSR-30002010
Plan A DreamRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9002012
Plasir De AmourNick Van ZutphenTyros42018
Play A Simple MelodyJohn VishnoffTyros42015
Please Help Me I'm FallingJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102017
Please Help Me I'm Falling (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42014
Please Love Me ForeverPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102012
Pleasant Valley SundayCraig PSR-S9502017
The Pleasure Of Your Smile ©Mark StylesTyros42012
The Poet And The Peasant OvertureChris BellPSR-30002007
Poetry In MotionRoger BrenizerTyros42018
PoincianaSusie DrageTyros42011
Poinciana (vocal)Rocco NoscheseTyros42012
Poker FaceCraig PSR-S9502019
Polovetsian DanceSusie DrageCVP5092011
PopcornMorrie ReeceTyros52014
PopcornGary CoupePSR-21002011
Por Una CabezaDon ValentineTyros42013
Port Au PrinceSusie DrageTyros42011
Portrait Of My LoveRoger BrenizerTyros42019
The Power Of Your LoveOsvaldo De SouzaTyros42012
Praise The LordRichard KentPSR-S9502017
The PrayerMike CyrTyros52015
Pretty Woman (vocal)Gary DiamondPSR-S9502013
Prisoner Of LoveRoger BrenizerTyros42019
Proud MarySergio CovarrubiasPSR-S9702019
Proud MaryRichard KentPSR-S9502016
Proud Mary (vocal by Tom Devito)Jim LaingTyros32014
The Puppy SongRoy BeardmoreTyros52018
Pure ImaginationLarry TylerTyros52016
Put Your Hand In The HandGrant CantrillPSR-S9502014
Put Your Hand In The HandCynthia CookePSR-S9102010
Put Your Sweet LipsErnie MulderPSR-S9502019
Put'tin' On The RitzDavid LaplanteTyros42011
Quando Quando QuandoBob KCVP3012017
Que SeraBill VeniceTyros32009
Que Sera, SeraNeal SaundersTyros32012
Quentin's ThemeGloria HansonPSR-S9102015
Quiet Nights Alone ©Nick Van ZutphenTyros42016
Quiet Nights Of Quiet StarsTorben GoldinTyros42013
Quiz WizzardGary CoupePSR-21002012

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