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All of the PSR Performer MP3 songs are listed in the table(s) below. Click on the appropriate song title table and then on the song title to download the MP3.

Songs Beginning with Letter
Title Performer Keyboard Year
I Almost Lost My MindJudy ShortPSR-S9002012
I Always Get Lucky With YouJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102016
I Am The WalwusCraig PSR-S9502016
I BelieveJoe FrancisPSR-7402010
I Believe I Can Fly (vocal)Torben GoldinTyros52015
I Believe in Father ChristmasBob (SciNote)PSR-E4332015
I Believe In YouRichard KentPSR-S9502016
I Believe Hill In A Hill Called Mt CalvaryGary KilbyPSR-30002011
I Believe In You (vocal)Del KayPSR-30002014
I Can See Clearly NowGrant CantrillPSR-S9502014
I Can't Get StartedMike SzmaniaPSR-S9102010
I Can't Give You Anything But LoveTon AnthonieTyros42013
I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Country)Ton AnthonieTyros42013
I Can't Help Falling In Love With YouRichard KentPSR-S7102016
I Can't Help It If Im Still in LoveJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102016
I Can't Make You Love MeCraig PSR-S9502015
I Can't Stop Loving YouWarren PetersPSR-30002009
I Can't Stop Loving YouGary DiamondPSR-30002011
I Cried For YouBob BoydPSR-30002010
I Cried HolyRichard KentPSR-S9502017
I Do I Do I DoKieth OsborneTyros22013
I Do, I Do, I Do,I Do, I DoJannie KroeseTyros22009
I Don't Know Enough About YouRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9102017
I Don't Know WhyJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
I Don't Know WhyBob BoydPSR-30002010
I Don't Know Why (vocal)Del KayPSR-30002014
I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore (vocal)Ernie MulderPSR-S9502015
I Don't Wanna DanceGary CoupePSR-21002010
I Don't Want To Miss A ThingPedro EleuterioTyros32013
I Don't Want To Walk Without YouVince AndreoneTyros12007
I Dreamed A DreamRon JubenvilleTyros42016
I Dreamed A DreamNeal SaundersTyros22011
I Fall To PiecesPatricia JacobsenPSR-S9102016
I Fall To Pieces (vocal)Gloria HansonPSR-S9102015
I Fall To PiecesGloria HansonPSR-S9102012
I Follow The Sun (vocal by Jur)Ernie MulderPSR-30002013
I Found A Million Dollar BabyPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102013
I Got A Woman (vocal)Del KayPSR-30002014
I Got It Bad And That Ain't GoodBill VeniceTyros32009
I Have A Dream (vocal)Gloria HansonPSR-S9102015
I Have A DreamClem EbberCVP4012013
I Have Loved YouMike CyrTyros52015
I Just Called To Say I Love YouKieth OsborneTyros42015
I Just Called To SayGrant CantrillPSR-S9502014
I Just Called To Say I Love YouPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102014
I Just Feel Like Something GoodJanet GriffinTyros32011
I Just Wanna StopCraig PSR-S9502017
I Know Who Holds TomorrowLarry TylerTyros52016
I Left My Heart In San FranciscoJohn VishnoffTyros42012
I Left My Heart In San Francisco (vocal)Rocco NoscheseTyros42012
I Left My Heart In San Francisco (vocal)Osvaldo De SouzaTyros42012
I Like It Like That (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52016
I Love How You Love MeJohn PhillipsTyros42014
I Love Lucy (w/Wes Walker)Larry TylerTyros52014
I Love You (Piano Solo)Roger BrenizerTyros42016
I Love YouDave EdwardsPSR-30002014
I Love You Because (vocal)Ton AnthonieTyros42013
I Loved Her First (vocal)Udo BeckerTyros32013
I Need Your Love TonightDave ChurchTyros32013
I Never Knew (vocal) ©David KennedyTyros32013
I Only Have Eyes For YouCraig PSR-S9502017
I Only Have Eyes For YouDave ChurchTyros32013
I Only Have Eyes For You (vocal by Tom Devito)Jim LaingTyros32014
I Overlooked An Orchid (vocal)Jerry ErnstPSR-30002012
I Really Don't Want To KnowJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
I Remember You (w Wes tenor sax)Larry TylerTyros52016
I Run To You (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002013
I Saw Her Standing ThereRoy BeardmoreTyros52017
I Saw Her Standing There (vocal by Tom Devito)Jim LaingTyros32014
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausHoward MarvinTyros42015
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (vocal)Gloria HansonPSR-S9102015
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (vocal)Wally Towellsnone2015
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42013
I Started A JokeMarcelo GasparPSR-21002005
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForErnie MulderPSR-30002014
I Surrender AllOsvaldo De SouzaTyros42012
I Think I Love YouCraig PSR-S9502016
I Want to Know What Love IsCraig PSR-S9502017
I Who Have NothingPeter GasserTyros42013
I Will (vocal by Tom Devito)Jim LaingTyros32014
I Will Always Love YouCraig PSR-S9502016
I Will Always Love YouBill McCrackenPSR-S7102012
I Will SurviveJim LaingTyros52017
I Will Survive (vocal)Torben GoldinTyros52015
I Will SurviveJames HunterTyros42011
I Will Wait For YouSunny HaddletonPSR-S9002012
I Will Wait For YouBob KCVP3012013
I Wish I Was 18 Again (vocal)Jerry ErnstPSR-30002010
I Wish You Love (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52016
I Wish You Love (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52016
I Won't Last a Day Without YouCraig PSR-S9502017
I Won't Last A Day Without YouEileen LowryTyros42013
I Won't Send RosesDon ValentineTyros42015
I Write The SongsRichard HerzogPSR-15002010
I'd Love To Change The World6.2Craig PSR-S9502015
I'll Be Home For ChristmasRoger BrenizerTyros42015
I'll Be Home For ChristmasHoward MarvinTyros42015
I'll Be Home For Christmas (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
I'll Be Seeing YouJerry ErnstPSR-30002009
I'll Be Seeing YouJoe FrancisPSR-7402010
I'll Be TherePeter GasserPSR-S9002011
I'll Be There (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002013
I'll Follow The SunStephen MolnarPSR-S9102009
I'll Have To Say I Love You In A SongRichard KentPSR-S7102016
I'll Have To Say I Love You In A SongBill McCrackenPSR-S7502014
I'll Never Smile Again (vocal)Jerry ErnstPSR-30002009
I'll Never Smile Again (vocal)Rocco NoscheseTyros42012
I'll Remember AprilDave EdwardsPSR-30002014
I'll Remember April (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52014
I'll Share My World With You (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002014
I'm A Believer (vocal by Tom Devito)Jim LaingTyros32014
I'm A Fool To CareJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
I'm A Fool To Want YouDavid LaplanteTyros42011
I'm Alive (vocal by Lilly)Torben GoldinTyros42013
I'm Beginning To See The LightJudy ShortTyros42013
I'm Born AgainGary CoupePSR-21002009
I'm ConfessinJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
I'm Confessin' That I Love YouRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9002012
I'm Confessin' That I Love You (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42014
I'm Getting Sentimental Over YouHermann SchunkTyros22010
I'm In Love With CopenhagenTorben GoldinTyros42013
I'm In The Mood For LoveJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
I'm In The Mood For LoveRoger BrenizerTyros42014
I'm In The Mood For Love (vocal)Osvaldo De SouzaTyros42012
I'm Like a BirdCraig PSR-S9502017
I'm Telling You NowPeter GasserTyros42013
I've Got A Crush On YouDavid LaplanteTyros42011
I've Got You Under My SkinRon JubenvilleTyros42016
I've Got You Under My SkinPeter GasserPSR-S9002012
I've Gotta Be MeRichard HerzogPSR-15002010
I've Grown Accustomed To His Face (vocal)Torben GoldinTyros52015
IfJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102016
IfCraig PSR-S9502016
If Bubba Can DanceEddie ShoemakerPSR-30002010
If Ever I Would Leave YouNeal SaundersTyros22011
If He Walked Into My LifeMike SzmaniaPSR-S9102009
If I Had To Do It Over Again (vocal)Jerry ErnstPSR-30002009
If I Ruled the WorldRon JubenvilleTyros42016
If Not For You (vocal)David KennedyTyros32013
If Tomorrow Never Comes (vocal)Gary DiamondPSR-30002012
If You Could Read My MindBill McCrackenPSR-S7102014
If You Don't Know Me (vocal)Mark StylesTyros42011
If You Don't Know Me v2 (vocal)Mark StylesTyros42012
If You Go AwayPeter GasserPSR-S9002011
If You Love MeNick Van ZutphenTyros42016
If You Love MeTon AnthonieTyros42012
If You Were The Only Girl In The WorldKieth OsborneTyros42015
Ihr Kinderlein kommetErnie MulderPSR-S9502015
Ik dans met jou, mijn AmsterdamJohn VishnoffTyros42015
Ik Hou Van JouKees SchoutenTyros22012
Im Schoensten WiesengrundeClem EbberCVP4012010
The Impossible DreamBill VeniceTyros32009
Impro Mei 2017 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
Impro 06 2016 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502016
Impro July 2015 ©Ernie MulderPSR-30002015
Impro Nov 2014 ©Ernie MulderPSR-30002014
Impro Okt 2014 © Ernie MulderPSR-30002014
Impro Aug 2014 ©Ernie MulderPSR-30002014
Impro Augustus ©Ernie MulderPSR-30002013
Impro Jun 2014 ©Ernie MulderPSR-30002014
Impro March 2014 ©Ernie MulderPSR-30002014
Impro Mei 2014 ©Ernie MulderPSR-30002014
Impro Nov 2013 ©Ernie MulderPSR-30002013
Improv T5 And 3k ©Ernie MulderPSR-30002014
ImproT5 Apr2014 ©Ernie MulderTyros52014
Impro Zomer 2017 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
In A Sally GardenPatricia HarmanTyros42012
in A Spanish Mood ©Nick Van ZutphenTyros42016
In My ArmsJim LaingTyros52017
In The Air - Feel It ©Joseph HartPSR-S9102014
In The Arms Of An AngelMark ChapmanPSR-S7102014
In The Bleak MidwinterKieth OsborneTyros42015
In The GardenBill McCrackenPSR-7302010
In The GardenJanet GriffinTyros32011
In The GardenSunny HaddletonPSR-S7502014
In The GhettoMorrie ReeceTyros52014
In The Good Old SummertimePatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102012
In The MoodJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
In The MoodWarren PetersPSR-30002008
In The MoodClem EbberCVP4012010
In The MoodNeal SaundersTyros22011
In The MoodUdo BeckerTyros42012
In The Still Of The Night (vocal)Torben GoldinTyros52015
In the Wee Small Hours Of The MorningDavid LaplanteTyros32009
In This Very RoomJanet GriffinTyros32011
In TryCraig PSR-S9502017
Indgangs MarchTorben GoldinTyros52015
Indiana JonesPedro EleuterioTyros32013
IndifferenceFranco TancrediTyros22010
Indo Rock ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502015
Indy Music ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502016
Inside And OutCraig PSR-S9502016
Inspiration © (vocal)Ton AnthonieTyros42013
Invitation To The Blues (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002014
An Irish BlessingGloria HansonPSR-S9102012
Is It True What They Say About DixieDeane PetersTyros42012
Islands In The StreamCraig PSR-S9502015
Islands In The Stream (vocal)Gloria HansonPSR-S9102015
Isle Of Innisfree (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
Isn't She LovelyRichard KentPSR-S9502017
Isn't She LovelyMark ChapmanPSR-S7102014
It Could Happen To You (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52016
It Don't Come EasyCraig PSR-S9502015
It Don't Mean A ThingNeal SaundersTyros22011
It Had To Be You (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
It Happened In Monterey (voca w/wes on Teonr Saxl)Larry TylerTyros52014
It Is No SecretLarry TylerTyros52017
It Was A Very Good YearPeter GasserTyros42013
It Was A Very Good YearDon ValentineTyros42013
It's A Blue WorldLarry TylerTyros52016
It's A Blue WorldNeal SaundersTyros22011
It's A Family AffairMark StylesTyros42011
It's A Good Day (vocal)Vince AndreoneTyros12014
It's A MistakeCraig PSR-S9502016
It's A Wonderful WorldKen StenzelTyros42011
It's All In The Game Richard Kent PSR-S710 2016
It's All In The GameRichard KentPSR-S7102016
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (vocal)David KennedyTyros32013
It's All Right With Me (Wes tenor sax)Larry TylerTyros52015
It's Been A Long Long Time Jack Williamson PSR-S910 2015
It's Been A Long Long TimeRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9002012
It's Beginning To Look Like ChristmasJanet GriffinTyros32013
It's Four In The MorningJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102017
It's Just A Matter of Time (vocal)Brian MilesPSR-S7702016
It's Just A Matter of Time (vocal)Brian MilesPSR-S9002017
It's Magic/Green Green GrassJoe FrancisPSR-7402010
It's My DesireRichard KentPSR-S9502016
It's My PartyMike ClarkePSR-S9002011
It's Now Or NeverRoger BrenizerTyros42016
It's Now Or Never Kieth OsborneTyros42015
It's Now Or NeverPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102013
It's RainingRoy BeardmoreTyros52017
It's So EasyLarry TylerTyros52017
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The YearMike CyrTyros52015
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (vocal)Larry TylerPSR-S9502013
It's The Talk Of The Town (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42014
It's Too Late Richard Kent PSR-S710 2016
It's Too Late (vocal) Torben Goldin Tyros5 2015

It's Too Late

Craig PSR-S9502016
Itchycoo ParkMark StylesTyros42013
Ja bych rad k betlemu Chtic aby spalBob KCVP3012015
Jag Trivs Bäst (vocal)Torben GoldinTyros52014
JaliscoDel KayPSR-30002013
Jamaca FarewellGary DiamondPSR-30002012
Jamaica Farewell (vocal)Del KayTyros42015
JambalayaDel KayPSR-30002013
JambalayaNeal SaundersTyros32011
James Last MedleyGloria HansonPSR-S9102015
Januari 2016 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502016
Japanese SandmanJanet GriffinTyros32013
Jazz in Em ©Joseph HartPSR-S9102014
Jazzy Evening 2016 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502016
Jazzy You ©Joseph HartPSR-S9102011
Jazzy2014 ©Ernie MulderPSR-30002014
Je t'aime mon amourTorben GoldinTyros52015
JealousyRoger BrenizerTyros42016
Jealousy (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42014
Jenny Lind Helena Polka MedleyRoger BrenizerTyros42014
Jersey BounceDeane PetersTyros42012
Jesus Christ SuperstarGloria HansonPSR-S9102011
Jesus MedleyJanet GriffinTyros32011
Jesus What A Wonderful ChildKen StenzelTyros42011
Jet AirlinerCraig PSR-S9502015
Jingle Bell RockHoward MarvinTyros42015
Jingle Bell Rock (vocal)Drake MPSR-S9502013
Jingle Bell RockBob KvalitaPSR-S9502013
Jingle Bell Rock BopGloria HansonPSR-S9102015
Jingle BellsHoward MarvinTyros42015
Jingle BellsDerek WattsPSR-S9102013
Jingle Bells MexGiorgio PinaPSR-S9502015
Jingle Rock Shuffle ©Laura Remson MitchellPSR-7402012
Joe's Stage (vocal) ©Udo BeckerTyros32013
The John Dunbar ThemeKieth OsborneTyros42015
Johnny Angel (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002014
Johnny B GoodeRichard KentPSR-S7102016
Johnny GuitarNick Van ZutphenTyros42016
Johnny GuitarUdo BeckerTyros32012
Johnny Remember MePeter GasserTyros42013
Johnson RagJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102016
Jolly Old St NicholasKieth OsborneTyros42015
Jolly Old St NicholasGiorgio PinaPSR-S9502015
Josephine (vocal)Ernie MulderPSR-30002013
Joy To The WorldWim NLTyros52015
Joy To The World (vocal by Tom Devito)Jim LaingTyros32014
Juanita (vocal by Coen Looy)Kees SchoutenTyros22012
Jukebox Saturday Night (vocal)Larry TylerPSR-S9702015
Juli 2017 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
June 2017 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
Just A Closer Walk When The SaintsKen StenzelTyros42011
Just A Closer Walk With TheeDiane VillafanePSR-S9002011
Just A Closer Walk With TheeOsvaldo De SouzaTyros42012
Just A GigoloJannie KroeseTyros22010
Just A Little Lovin'Jack WilliamsonPSR-S9102017
Just A Little Lovin (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42014
Just Another PolkaBob KCVP3012015
Just As Much As EverRoger BrenizerTyros42016
Just As Much As Ever (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
Just Because (vocal)Del KayPSR-30002013
Just DanceCraig PSR-S9502015
Just For FunMike SzmaniaPSR-21002009
Just For Today2 (vocal) © Ton AnthonieTyros42013
Just For YouBill VeniceTyros32009
Just Friends (w/Wes Walker)Larry TylerTyros52014
Just One LookMark StylesTyros42012
Just The Way You AreGary KilbyPSR-30002010
Just The Way You AreRichard HerzogPSR-15002010
Just Walking In The RainPeter GasserPSR-S9002011
Just When I Needed You MostErnie MulderPSR-30002015
Justice For All ©Laura Remson MitchellPSR-7402012
Kahin Toh Hogi Woh (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na)Manoj YarashiPSR-S7102012
Kald Det KærlighedSteen Smollerup RasmussenPSR-S9102013
KalinkaCynthia CookePSR-S9102010
KalinkaClem EbberCVP4012010
Kansas City (vocal)Mike CyrTyros52015
Kazacok MedleyBob KCVP3012015
Kentucky WomanCraig PSR-S9502016
Kerry DancersBob McKinneyTyros42014
Key LargoRichard HerzogPSR-15002010
Killing Me SoftlyRichard HerzogPSR-15002010
The King Is ComingGary KilbyPSR-30002010
King Of The RoadJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102017
King Of The RoadEddie ShoemakerPSR-30002010
Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss MeKieth OsborneTyros22013
Kiss Me Quick (vocal)Udo BeckerTyros32012
Knock'in On Heavens Door (vocal)David KennedyPSR-S9102013
Koffietijd met TinekeErnie MulderPSR-S9502017
KokomoRichard KentPSR-S9502017

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