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(October, 2010) My name is Richard Herzog. I was born in Adrian, Michigan in 1927. I retired in 1984 from the Monroe, Michigan fire department after 29 years of service. For the past 26 years I have lived with my wife Lisa in Port Charlotte, Florida. At the age of 83, I still very much enjoy playing my Yamaha PSR1500 keyboard for seniors at retirement and assisted living homes here in Florida.

I began my interest in music when I was five years old when my father bought me a harmonica and taught me how to play. Then, at age 10, my mother thought i should learn to play the trumpet (her favorite instrument). A few group lessons at a local music store and that was the end of that. However, In later years, I learned to play the trumpet well enough to play it on gigs.

My next venture into music was shortly after I got married when I started playing the Ukulele and then upgraded to the guitar. A few years after that, I bought my first keyboard instrument, a very small organ with built-in accompaniment. After a couple of organ upgrades, I ended up with a nice Conn organ all the while playing many gigs with the guitar in a small combo.

After retiring and moving to Florida, I played guitar with different groups for the next 25 years. I purchased a Rolands digital piano and then, 5 years ago, I bought the Yamaha PSR1500 and have been gigging with it ever since.

I don't play the guitar much anymore since I always played with small groups but now they seem to be a dying breed. I just began recording some midis on the keyboard and the results are below.

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MP3 Songs

MIDI Songs

You can download all of Richard's MIDI songs here:

Title T TS L C Style V K
Desafinado 114 4/4 N Y SlowBossa 01 15
Femena 110 4/4 N Y Cumbia 01 15
Granada 190 4/4 N Y GuitarRumba 01 15
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You 86 4/4 N Y OrchSwing1 01 15
Misty 70 4/4 N Y EasyListening 01 15
Penthouse Serenade 100 4/4 N Y OrchSwing1 01 15
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 60 4/4 N Y EasyBallad 01 15
Stardust 72 4/4 N Y EasyListening 01 15
Twilight Time 76 4/4 N Y OrganSwing 01 15
Wave 106 4/4 N Y SlowBossa 01 15


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